Hi Ho Hi Ho Off Disney’s Tax Breaks Go…

Posted: April 22, 2022 by datechguy in culture
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Think about it.

Just sixty days ago if anyone had said there was even the slightest possibility of Florida Pols voting away Disney’s State tax breaks they would have laughed you off the face of the earth. After all as Breitbart noted in their article on the subject:

It should be noted Disney employs 38 lobbyists in Florida and has a strong hold on state Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Yet within 24 hours both the Florida Senate and the Florida House passed bills revoking the Ready Creek Agreement that made Disney a self governing organization within the state.

How could this be? Well the 1st cause of this was the bubble. That’s one of the few advantages of being a conservative Catholic living in one of only four states that give Joe Biden a positive approval rating. You can’t insulate yourself things that are right in front of your face.

Alas for Disney this is not the case for their board. They live in the liberal, twitter LGBTQ bubble and within that bubble the rules are very strict and if you don’t jump when you are told you risk being pushed out of your comfortable space within said bubble.

So when the left decided that they could not abide 5-8 year olds not having Queer theory pushed on them and dubbed Florida’s law on waiting until at least age 9 before such things were taught to kids they framed their narrative in such a way that CEO  Bob Chapek feared retaliation for saying nothing:

Mind you he didn’t fear retaliation from stockholders or customers, nor did he fear retaliation from employees or the people of Florida who MSNBC contributors not withstanding both supported the bill in question (a full 58% of Florida democrats did) no he feared personal retaliation and being others within his own social group.

But in the end no matter how bad it gets for Disney shareholders, no matter how much things tank, no matter how much it costs the company and or their employees, Bob will know that the people who matter, the leftist elites will still invite him to the right parties.

And for leftists and those who fear them who live in the land of the bubble that’s what really counts.

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