The Five Lessons of the Disney Story or How The Left Could Have Avoided all of this

Posted: April 23, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Oh, I am heartily tired of hearing about what Lee is going to do. Some of you always seem to think he is suddenly going to turn a double somersault, and land in our rear and on both of our flanks at the same time. Go back to your command, and try to think what are we going to do ourselves, instead of what Lee is going to do.

General US Grant Battle of the Wilderness 1864

You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.

2 Samuel 12:12

Several things have come to mind with the fall of Disney, the Fall of Netflix and the upcoming fall of Twitter.

The first of course if how empires tend to fall, slowly then all at once.

The 2nd is how much of a difference fighting back means. The left was positive that nobody would resist them. The LGBTQ+ lobby were so powerful that even a company as powerful as Disney backed down, but once DeSantis stood up to them suddenly Disney, a company that employees over 30 lobbyists in Florida was unable to stop their privileges’ from being revoked and the further tanking of their stock

The 3rd is how thin and weak the left’s power actually is

Don’t think it’s not a coincidence that Exxon Mobil is rethinking the flying of the LGBTQ+ and BLM flags in front of their headquarters once people see that the cost letting a tiny minority intimidate you is higher then paying the Danegeld, the Danegeld will no longer be paid.

After all why do you think Kaepernick is begging for a chance at a football paycheck these days, the woke money is all gone.

The 4th is how contagious courage is: Once GOP pols see that this plays well with the voters, Particularly Latino voters who the left all assumed were radical activists, you’ll see these laws repeated and more Democrats howling off camera because they never were taught how to deal with defeat or negotiate with someone who disagrees with them.

But the biggest lesson of all of this is for the Deep state types and the activist types was is this:

None of this happens if they had made deals with Trump.

Note I didn’t say: “None of this happens if they don’t steal election 2020” I said none of this happens if they make deals with Trump.

Let’s go back to 2016. My biggest fear concerning Donald Trump was that he was a dealmaker. He was all about having specific goals for America and getting them done and right from the start he was willing to make deals with the Democrat left to get these things done.

This was no surprise, after all he had built hotels in blue cities and blue states and had been making deals with these guys all his life. He knew who and what they were and didn’t care. Their petty power trips, their perverted proclivities and their hereditary hubris where meaningless to him, except perhaps as something to note for future reference.

He wanted to get things done and as long as they helped him to do or stayed out of his way as far as he was concerned what they were doing wasn’t his business.

If Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the left had played ball with Trump early they would have been in clover. He would have given them and their social agenda support to get his programs through. Not only would they have shared credit but all their nasty shit would have stayed under the radar. Time would have taken care of the Trump years and the deep state and all within it would have continued on unseen and unopposed except by a few of us.

I was very afraid they would figure this out, that they did not is one of the most unrecognized consequential moments in the history of America in the 21st century.

None of this happens without that failure, as a backup they could have chosen to not steal the last election then they would have had to endure only four more years of Trump and things would have been back to normal.

Now with the public reverses they have suffered they will find that having sewn the wind they will reap the whirllwind.

The Lord sure moves in mysterious ways.

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