Why Doesn’t the Left just make their own Twitter?

Posted: April 26, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’m slightly confused.

Were not people on the right told that if they didn’t like twitter there was nothing stopping them from making their own?

I mean if the left wants to make their own version of twitter that ruthlessly censors anyone who disagrees with them, I’m sure there are plenty of leftists with money who could begin a start-up. They could call it “Pravda”

In fact they would be in a position to poach hundreds if not thousands of current twitter employees who are in a state of grief and panic over their pending inability to censor others.

And with the Biden Administration in power it is very unlikely that any agency would make any attempt to put up legal roadblocks to do so.

So c’mon leftists show us how much people want to stand with you. I’m sure many celebs would be anxious to delete their twitter accounts and switch to demonstrate their wokeness to the world. I’m sure tens of millions can’t wait to join your alternative.

Aren’t you?

I mean if the right is capable of starting GAB and TRUTH surely you can do what they did?

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