No Future for Mothers Day for the Left

Posted: May 8, 2022 by datechguy in culture, Uncategorized
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Both I , my wife and my sons have to work today so I made the mother of my children a nice blueberry pancake breakfast for Mothers day.

I don’t know what our friends on the left are calling today as they are so afraid of offending someone but I suspect that away from others they are calling it “Mother’s Day” because they should be damn well afraid of offending their mothers.

But then again given their promotion of abortion, and transgender stuff that makes people unable to procreate and their apparent embrace of sterilization…

Eleanor is one of many women ramping up their efforts to get sterilized, or even newly considering the procedure in light of the possible countrywide rollback of America’s abortion rights. After the Supreme Court draft was shared by Politico on May 2nd, scores of women took to social media to express newfound interest in sterilization, lament misogynistic doctors who refuse the procedure to women — “because you could change your mind and sue,” read one tweet — and share resources about providers. Over on Reddit’s r/childfree subreddit, a trending post about sterilization information got nearly 1,000 upvotes and over 100 comments. 

…I suspect that within a generation they won’t have to worry about celebrating Mothers Day at all.

FYI if you’re wondering why the left sees the need to steal elections killing off your voting base is it.

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