The Left Wont Like the New Rules on Protests and Molotov Cocktails

Posted: May 9, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!

Popeye the sailor (repeated quote before eating his spinach & beating the bad guy)

When the IRS was busy going after conservatives under Obama I wrote this:

If you’ve read the first three parts of my worries concerning the IRS scandal there is one assumption that might not make sense to you. The left often portrays the Tea Party as a group of violent gun toting thugs, ready to snap into a multi-shot rage at the drop of a hat. A collection of cowboys. That being the case, why on earth would they not fear to provoke such well armed people with  a violent streak?

The answer is very simple. The left may say all these things about the right and violence, but the leaders who spew this stuff know it simply isn’t true. They’ve seen the tea party crowds pick up after themselves, they’ve seen the right to life marches bury the capital in people without an arrest. They saw Glenn Beck events take place with little or no incidents. Even more significantly they’ve seen their own speakers at colleges around the country walk without fear while speakers of the right need massive security to function. This has gone on for years and years and years without a reaction. The left assumes that as long as they don’t strike first at the right they can do what they wish.  It’s reached the point where the very suggestion that the right would fight back is almost quaint.

Since then we have had a stolen election, peaceful protesters locked up for months without trail for trespassing while rioters and looters in US cities are let loose, police targeted (unless they shoot conservative trespassers) parents labeled as domestic terrorists, SCOTUS opinions leaked to try to rob a ruling, massive censorship and an actual mister of disinformation appointed.

All of these things have targeted conservatives and that’s not even considering the inflation, debacle in Afghanistan and the renewed threat of Nuclear War to save graft for the left funneled through Ukraine threated by the Russian invasion.

And now we have folks being harassed at Churches and firebombings:

I stand amazed that we have not had an actual shooting Civil War or Lincoln County war on a national scale. The left seems to think it’s impossible but it’s becoming more and more likely as they continue to act more and more desperate.

I think the only thing saving us from this result is the likelyhood of the left getting stomped in the upcoming election not to mention 2024 but let me make a rather unpleasant prediction.

If we see this Supreme Court ruling stolen, and election 2022 stolen as well I think the very well armed right will decide that neither the courts nor the ballot are legit and will finally reach the points of “That’s all I can stands I can’t stands no more.”

Because once the right decides to cross that line I suspect it will not stop with firebombs and beatings I suspect it will be more like that famous warning from the Magnificent Seven that Vin gives the famers in the village plagued by bandits:

Once you begin you have to be prepared for killing and more killing, and still more killing until the reason for it has gone.

The right doesn’t want this which in my opinion is the only reason it hasn’t happened.

People on the left who have lived their lives in the safest and most pampered nation in the world have no idea how bad it’s going to be if the decision to cross that line is made. As a person who reads history I do and I urge those on the left who are not actively seeking a bloodbath to think very carefully and move away from the ledge for the sake of us all.

Because they will not like the new rules, not one bit.

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