The Cost of Living in Bubble World CNN+ Edition

Posted: May 16, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

There has been a lot written about the rise (?) and fall of CNN+ but of all the words written the most interesting to me was this bit from the Wall Street Journal that I found via Insty

Interviews with more than a dozen people involved in CNN+ describe a culture where excitement over what one top producer described as CNN’s “Apollo Mission”—a reference to the program that successfully landed the first humans on the moon—gave way to the realization that failure was arriving swiftly and mercilessly. Many employees of the streaming service started in the past six months or even just a few weeks before the service launched. Several said they left stable jobs or freelancing gigs.

emphasis mine

Now anyone on the right knowing the CNN ratings numbers could see that there was no prayer that they would get people to pay for the damn thing, as Daniel Greenberg put it last year (again via insty)

CNN President Jeff Zucker billed CNN+ as being for “CNN superfans, news junkies and fans of quality non-fiction programming.”

The existence of CNN superfans is as improbable as Bigfoot and UFOs. No one has ever spotted a CNN superfan in the wild and not even the most exotic zoos have them in stock.

Those same ratings number were available to folks outside the right as well as inside them but to those people who live in the MSM bubble no information that reflects badly on the left is real unless some MSM outlet reports on it.

If you’re rich enough or connected enough as a lot of the high level network “talent” is that reality doesn’t matter. Like runaway inflation you shrug it off and wonder why the plebs aren’t still ecstatic over the departure of the Great Maga King.

But if you are a regular person in the real world that loss of job in a bad economy that you gave up a good position for is going to have consequences that will pop your bubble faster than you can say “Chris Wallace”.

And CNN+ on your resume is not going to look all that impressive either will it?

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