Five Gun/School Thoughts Under the Fedora: We Don’t Need Guns we have Police? Fools and Cowards, Again the Armed Grandparents Plan, Out goes Prayer in comes shootings and Chicago says “hold my beer” to Uvalde every other week

Posted: May 28, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Funny how the left is using the Texas shooter to tell us we don’t need guns when it turns out the armed people that they provide us with (the police) were unwilling to act. ‘

I would think that this demonstrates that we need armed citizens more than ever.

It’s rather insulting to see singers cut and run over the NRA convention because of the school shooting. The whole: because one person is guilty all the innocent have to be punished should be beneath them but it’s even more insulting to see fools in congress doing the same. I hope conservatives remember both in November and when it’s time to spend their entertainment dollars.

It’s been three or four years since I suggested the easiest way to permanently solve this problem is recruiting a group of ex police/military among the grandparents to act as armed guards in schools. Not only would such sixty somethings be highly motivated to protect their grandkids schools but they would serve as excellent role models for the kids.

That’s why it will never happen, the left goal is not to protect kids it’s about having an issue to run with politically and disarming the American people who they see as serfs at best and enemies at worst.

You know there was a time in living memory when schools were awash with guns and with gun clubs yet these type of school shootings never ever happened. By an odd coincidence these were times before prayer was removed from schools by judicial fiat and when corporal punishment was removed by the cultural fiat of those who had no respect for what they now call the greatest generation.

Hey, the left wanted a post Christian society where the principles of “Thou Shalt not Kill” and “Love your enemies and “pray for those who persecute you” were gone. So that Godless society, how’s that working out for you?

Finally what the Democrat/left would really like is a Uvalde every other week from now till election day to change the subject from their horrible performance in office. Of course Don Surber pointed out a rather obvious bit of reality that the Democrats have been providing a Uvalde every other week when it comes to kids getting shot in America and that’s just in Chicago

Don Don Don Don Don, don’t you know that since those kids are shot in Democrat Cities controlled by Democrat Mayors and Democrat City Counselors and Democrat activists (all places with though gun laws btw) you are not allowed to bring this up as it doesn’t advance the narrative that is being advanced?

When I see Elizabeth Warren or Gavin Newsome of Beto outraged over the biweekly Uvaldes that take place in Democrat cities then I’ll take their outrage seriously. Until then they’re to be ignored.

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