The Biden/Soros Left Finds the Solution to Illegal Immigration Crisis

Posted: August 7, 2022 by datechguy in short films/interviews
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Apparently it’s: “Make US Cities so crappy and unsafe that even legal folks go home”

The bodega clerk who was infamously charged with murder for fatally stabbing an assailant has had it with the crime-ridden Big Apple and is returning to the Dominican Republic, pals told The Post on Friday.

 “He doesn’t work here anymore. He’s getting ready to move out of the country,” the manager of the Blue Moon convenience store, where the grisly Manhattan stabbing happened July 1, said of Jose Alba, 61. 

And it’s not like the Dominican is the safest place in the world as Jazz Shaw notes:

Jose Alba came to the United States looking for the American dream, and for a while, it seemed as if he’d found it. But thank’s to New York City’s backward-facing court system, he wound up living out the American nightmare. His great opportunity to have a stable job and a home of his own was transformed in a single week to an “opportunity” to be abused by the legal system that was supposed to protect people like him from the dregs of society.

Consider what it means for someone like Alba to willingly choose to move back to Santiago. Our own government issues travel warnings about the Dominican Republic, citing “armed robbery, homicide, and sexual assault” as frequent dangers. The tourist resorts are safer than they used to be thanks to investments in law enforcement resources, but Santiago is simply a dangerous place.

Yet given a choice between New York City and Santiago, Jose Alba is choosing… Santiago.

I can’t help but thinking of my interview with Maria from my “interviews with immigrants” series when she said she knew the US was for her when she was at a pond alone and wasn’t afraid when there were men who walked by.

If you really want to understand what the left has done to America, this crystalizes it perfectly.

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