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I’ve been teasing this material for a while but as we get closer and closer to peak societal collapse let’s get this stuff out there:

We’re all experiencing race

Yes because that’s the thing that shapes you

Ah the Gender and violence circle that’s what’s keeping the kids down.

Spin the wheel of oppression round and round

You can’t tell kids how they’re oppressed without a worksheet.

race the power of illusion

It’s amazing how strong an illusion can be

You know a lot of immigrants from Africa might disagree with this.

Social identity wheels, just put people in a slot

And let us not forget the Gender box

the circles

And the pyramid

What does all this add up to two things:

  1. People who are told they are going to fail will invariably meet their expectations.
  2. It’s easier to give kids an excuse for your failure to teach them then it is to actually do the job.

You might wonder why people who are into teaching would go along with this, but if you are a teacher who is failing this is a godsend, it’s not your fault that they fail, it’s the system.

Nothing is more dangerous than an excuse.

I ask the parents of Lawrence, is this what you want for your kids? Is this what you’re paying for?

By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Some random thoughts today.

Shreveport Mayoral Race:  At my house we are preparing to head down South this week for the Fete Dieu du Teche and I could not be happier to get out of town for the week. Shreveport keeps on getting crazier every single day. The latest? Our ineffective, bumbling, inept mayor has been disqualified from running for another term because he put a false address on his paperwork. Louisiana law requires you to list your address as the same address where you file homestead exemption. Our fine mayor did not do this. He listed another address. His excuse for this error? The media lights and cameras when he filed his paperwork distracted him.

I kid you not.

He has appealed the ruling but it doesn’t look like the court will favor him.

He probably was going to lose anyway; people of both parties are sick to death of him and his self-serving photo ops and lack of meaningful governance.

School is Back!  Teachers and students start school today and I could not be happier to not be in that club! I’m looking at my teacher friends posting their classrooms, posting their wish lists, and now their excitement and anxiety about returning to school. I do not miss it in the least. I miss my friends, but they’re still my friends and so it’s all good. I don’t have to deal with the politics and the dog-and-pony shows and I’m thrilled. But good luck to them all and I do wish all of them a good year. Loved my kids, hated the BS.

And besides, if I was still teaching, I wouldn’t be headed to my beloved Cajun country this week where the oysters are fresh and the beer is cold and the Cajun music sings to my heart. Life is good.

Lisa Graas: Our friend Stacy McCain is asking for help for Lisa Graas, a longtime blogger buddy who is now fighting cancer. A devout Catholic, Lisa is now facing expensive chemo treatments and needs help. When Stacy posted his plea for Lisa, her name resonated with me because I remember his trip to Louisiana when he got stopped in the infamous Livonia speed trap and Lisa came and picked him up. On that day, I had Stacy’s Donkey Cons book in my bag; he was going to try to come through Shreveport on his way back home and I wanted to get him to sign my book. And then he gets pulled over in Livonia and that was the end of that. Anyway, hit the link and help if you can.

Next week I’ll be posting from Arnaudville, La and the Fete Dieu du Teche. Peace out!