Who needs to teach Kids to read in Lawrence When You Can Teach them About the Evils of Whiteness?

Posted: August 8, 2022 by datechguy in education

I’ve been teasing this material for a while but as we get closer and closer to peak societal collapse let’s get this stuff out there:

We’re all experiencing race

Yes because that’s the thing that shapes you

Ah the Gender and violence circle that’s what’s keeping the kids down.

Spin the wheel of oppression round and round

You can’t tell kids how they’re oppressed without a worksheet.

race the power of illusion

It’s amazing how strong an illusion can be

You know a lot of immigrants from Africa might disagree with this.

Social identity wheels, just put people in a slot

And let us not forget the Gender box

the circles

And the pyramid

What does all this add up to two things:

  1. People who are told they are going to fail will invariably meet their expectations.
  2. It’s easier to give kids an excuse for your failure to teach them then it is to actually do the job.

You might wonder why people who are into teaching would go along with this, but if you are a teacher who is failing this is a godsend, it’s not your fault that they fail, it’s the system.

Nothing is more dangerous than an excuse.

I ask the parents of Lawrence, is this what you want for your kids? Is this what you’re paying for?

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