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If you are the admonitions director for a private or a parochial school you have a tough job. While people like the idea of private or Catholic education the cost and the sacrifices are not insignificant. I speak from experience.

So for all of you who are doing this job let me give you the gift that will keep on giving for decades via Twitchy and the ever wonderful Libs of Tic Tok:

Remember this person is paid for by someone’s taxes

If I am that admissions director holding an open house with parents I am ending my presentation with this video and asking the assembled parents this question:

“Is this the type of person you want teaching your ten year old kids and shaping them and their values for the rest of their lives?”

Oh and it goes without saying that this video should be included in any and all ads in any state, county or city that is having a vote on school vouchers.

Closing thought: I can’t decide if the fact that she turned to TicTok for advice is more damning than the questions she asked for advice on?