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A voyage into history

Posted: August 30, 2022 by chrisharper in Uncomfortable Truths
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By Christopher Harper

On September 5, 1522, The Victoria sailed into the harbor near Seville, Spain, after completing a three-year, 60,000-mile trip around the world.

For centuries, the expedition, launched by Ferdinand Magellan, was regarded as one of the most outstanding achievements in history and had a significant impact on the West’s understanding of the world.

See a map of the incredible journey at

Mired in today’s wokeness, the voyage is regarded as the beginning of colonialism and the dominance of the Catholic Church over those colonies. 

But Magellan’s vision and his sailors’ persistence against all odds demonstrate what’s wrong with wokeness.

Would the world really have been better if people didn’t know how to sail around it?

After studying maps for years, Magellan had a dream. He was convinced that by sailing west instead of east, he could find a better route to Indonesia and India from Europe. The king of Portugal wouldn’t finance his trip, so he headed for Spain, where he gained citizenship and Charles V’s backing for five ships. 

But he was in an awkward position regarding his crew and royal mission. “The [Spanish] resented sailing under a Portuguese commander, and the Portuguese considered him a traitor,” historian Lincoln Paine wrote.

After winter weather forced his ships to wait for months in what is now Argentina, Magellan’s crew mutinied. One ship was wrecked; another headed back to Spain. 

Magellan managed to navigate a treacherous passage around South America that later was named in his honor—the Strait of Magellan. He’s also credited with naming the Pacific Ocean.

But the troubles weren’t over. As the crew traveled across the Pacific, food spoiled, and scurvy and starvation occurred. The sailors reached the Philippines, where Magellan was killed in April 1521 by a local tribe. 

After Magellan’s death, his crew continued in the single ship that remained, captained by Juan Sebastian Elcano. Only 18 of the 270 men survived, but the expedition had proven that the globe could be circumnavigated and opened the door to European colonization of the New World in the name of commerce.

A legend was born—and in 1989, one of Magellan’s namesakes even traveled to Venus. During a five-year-long journey, NASA’s Magellan spacecraft made images of the planet before burning up in its atmosphere.

According to Antonio Pigafetta, who chronicled the journey and lived to tell the tale: “Magellan’s main virtues were courage and perseverance, in even the most difficult situations; for example, he bore hunger and fatigue better than all the rest of us. He was a magnificent practical seaman who understood navigation better than all his pilots. The best proof of his genius is that he circumnavigated the world, none having preceded him.”

Today, Magellan’s vision and fortitude should be praised rather than placed on the altar of wokeness.

Fortunately, a relatively apolitical rendition of Magellan’s accomplishments is now airing on Amazon Prime. See

One of the side effects of California’s insane move to ban the sale of gas powered cars in 13 years is coming into play in Massachusetts.

It seems that lawmakers in several states including mine which are controlled by the left that want to be as insane as California but still believe that to do so openly might lead to defeat passed laws that tie the decisions in their states to those of California.

So because of this Massachusetts now has a bad on the sale of gas powered cars ready to go into effect in 2035 without anyone in the state actually making such a decision.

This means two things.

First if you are the Mass GOP this is a golden opportunity. The state party should be recruiting in every city and town, they should be visiting every car dealership, every repair shop, every parts dealer and every gas station to mobilize and energize voters. They should be recruiting candidate in every district with the promise to repeal any such laws that ties decision about how people in the bay state live to the whims of officials 3000 miles away that they have never voted for.

The fact that I am suggesting this instead of hearing that the GOP is already doing this however suggests that the Massachusetts GOP is going to do its best to earn the old GOP nickname of “the stupid party”, but you never know.

There is however one other point to make about this situation.

California is a very big state 163,696 square miles and while it borders three states (Oregon to the north, Nevada to the west and Arizona to the southwest its a bit of a haul to get there unless you live right on the northern, western and southern border. So when these rule kicks in you’re going to have to grin and bear it (until things collapse that is but I digress).

However not only is Massachusetts less than 1/10 of the size of California 10,565 but it borders five states (New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire) and while some spots in the state are less than a half hour drive from mains every resident in Massachusetts has a shorter drive to Maine than most people California have to any other state.

This means that if our state is stupid enough to allow this idiocy to continue then car dealers in every New England State plus NY have a windfall coming.

I bought my 1999 Buick LeSabre in Londonderry NH, it was less than an hour’s drive from my house to get it. What do you think will happen when people have the choice of paying 40-50K for a car in their own city or driving two hours or less away to get a car for not only half that price but without the prospect of some day having to pay for a battery repair that costs more than a new car?

If I’m a car dealer in any of those border states I’m salivating at this idea, and if I’m a current dealer in MA I’m looking at buying land in Hollis, or Nashua or Salem or Ringe NH or Halifax or Sanford VT or Woonsocket RI or Stafford or Thompson Ct or maybe even Boston Corner, Stephentown or Austerlitz NY.

Because barring an outbreak of sanity in Massachusetts or an even more unlikely outbreak of sanity in California you’ve going to have a steady stream of business heading your way, so you might as well get ready now.