An Army of Grifters & Goodfellas in Government

Posted: August 15, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized
Henry Hill (narrating) Janice and I were having so much fun,she started screwing up at work.  I had to straighten out her boss a little .

Henry Hill (while strangling Janice boss) F***** Janice can do what she wants to do!  You Got it?!
Janice's Boss:  I got it!
Henry Hill:  You got it
Jimmy Conway:  Just try and run. Hang up once more and you'll deal with me!
Good Fellas 1990

I was looking at Kurt Schlichter’s latest piece and there was a section in it that neatly summed up one of the things that is wrong with the country today:

What was the name of a guy fired for failing to win in Afghanistan, or Iraq for that matter?

What is the name of a guy who resigned and said “I’ll be no part of this idiocy?”


No one.

When actions do not lead to consequences there is no incentive to perform. When there is no incentive to perform or get things right, things go to hell, and when you have government agencies acting like Henry Hill and Jimmy Conway when dealing those who want to fix the problems that’s worse.

Put simply our government is being run like a vast criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people and the FBI & authorities are acting like the mob enforcers to keep people in line.

Is that the government you want for yourself?

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