Smearing Roy Moore Was Worth Every Penny of that 8.2 Million to the Left

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Harry Reid: Romney didn’t win did he?

Harry Reid to CNN about the lie concerning Mitt Romney’s taxes

One of the things I predicted concerning the theft of the 2020 election would be that the final stage of the left’s defense of the election would be that actually stealing it was justified because: Trump! We saw a glimpse of that this week from Sam Harris on how all tactics were justifiable

I bring this up because there is some interesting news out of Alabama that the MSM has absolutely no interest in:

A federal jury awarded Republican Roy Moore $8.2 million in damages Friday after finding that a Democratic super PAC defamed him in an advertisement during the 2017 U.S. Senate race in Alabama.

You mean all those charges about Moore and underage girls that the MSM amplified at the time were false? Who woulda thunk it?

“We’re very thankful to God for an opportunity to help restore my reputation which was severely damaged by the 2017 election,” Moore said in a telephone interview.

“The verdict by this jury of regular people of the state of Alabama represents a great legal victory over those who will say and do anything to capture an election including dragging the name of a good man through the mud to destroy a hard earned reputation. The facts of this case were so egregious that the jury quickly found actual malice against the Senate majority super PAC. God’s truth and justice won the day for Judge Roy Moore,” said Jeff Wittenbrink, Moore’s attorney, in a press release.

Now you might think that $8.2 Mill is a lot of money to get Doug Jones elected in Alabama for a couple of years, but consider for a moment how many billions in spending and graft the Biden Administration managed to push though with a 50-50 senate. Imagine how much that is compared to the cost of this particular lawsuit.

Now Jones of course did not last long enough in the senate to be part of that 50-50 split but consider the principle involved. How much do you think the Democrats would be willing to pay out to be sure that they can push their Billions in graft forward? Millions? Tens of Millions? Hundreds of Millions?

It’s the move Class Action on steriods:

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