The Reality of the Trump vs Biden Economy Strikes in Fredrick MD

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I’ve known the Popes back in Illinois known all of them, they’re all liars and braggarts but don’t know of any particular reason why a liar and a braggart shouldn’t make a good general.

Abe Lincoln on being told John Pope can’t be trusted to tell the truth.1862

Stacy McCain had a lot of fun with the story of the end of the Lesbian Vegan Donut Shop in Fredrick MD but there are a few things about the story that are worth a bit of time.

I’ve known plenty of bakers and it’s not an easy life. It’s not for the lazy or for those who care to sleep in. You have to be up early to bake and have your products ready for those people who work early in the morning as the story Stacy Quotes notes:

Shop owners Alissa and Keirsten Straiter have always been the bakers at Glory Doughnuts, waking up to get donuts going by midnight or 1 a.m six days a week. Morning help arrives around 5 a.m. so they can open two hours later. Around that time, Alissa, 25, and Keirsten, 26, become the shop’s cooks.

So we know to start conclude that the two women who opened the business are not lazy or expecting a free lunch and were willing to work hard to make their business work. We can also conclude from the fact that since the initial article was written in 2015 that the donuts and/or pastries they make were of a good enough quality for a business, because when it comes to anything to do with food, particularly pasty there is no substitute for stuff that takes good.

So you have hard work and a product that is appealing, no matter what your politics or your proclivities might be that’s a good start for any business.

However beyond hard work and skill you have to make good decisions. And these ladies made two decisions that limited the appeal of their business.

The first was the decision to push vegan food. Now while there is a market for vegan food it’s not as broad for as for one that simply offers vegan choices as one of several option..

And of course there was the decision to push the Gay/Trans agenda publicly at their place. This again limits a customer base. There is for example a historic diner in Fitchburg whose new owners I hear make a mean Chicken and Waffles but they choose to fly the Transgender flag. As much as I like chicken and waffles that’s a line I won’t cross.

Now this is still (supposedly) a free country and if a business chooses to play the Transgender flag or the Hammer and Sycle of the Soviets or even the Nazi Swastika that’s their business but they have to accept that said decision will limit their clientele to those not offended by them.

Stacy McCain picked up on the irony here.

There is some irony in the fact that the Trump years were actually the heyday for Glory Doughnuts, whose anti-Trump owners apparently made their first crucial mistake by changing locations right at the start of the 2020 pandemic. Then Biden got elected, and rampant inflation sort of eroded the disposable income that folks used to have, back when gas was just $2.25 a gallon. Now the lesbian vegans are trying to explain those bouncing paychecks:

Now we can’t say for sure that if they had chosen to worry about baking and cooking rather than wearing their political and social allegiances on their sleeve if they might have drawn a large enough base to stay alive but there there is one fact that I can say for sure. If you have a strong economy with plenty of people ready and able to spend you can afford to limit your clientele and stay in business, if not then you can’t.

The reality of business is simple. The bottom line doesn’t care if you are Lesbian Vegans Transgender or whatever. It only cares if your product can generate enough revenue to pay your expenses and debts.

During the Trump years their donut business was able to do so, during the Biden years it could not.

But the ladies should not despair. Both are used to hard work and their product was good enough to sell for seven years. They can return to their home based model on a smaller scale. With a little luck in a couple of years they can settle their outstanding debts things and consider trying again if they want.

And if they are really lucky by late 2025 a 2nd Trump administration will have the economy firing on all cylinders again to the point where they can reopen in deep blue Maryland and commiserate with paying deep blue customers once again about how awful it is to have the Orange man back in charge.

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