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For the first time in the lifetime of myself and most of humanity, I begin a day without a Queen Elizabeth on the throne of England replaced instead with a King Charles. A few thoughts:

This is not very respectful but the first thought that came into my head and stayed into my head for all of Thursday was a remix of the classic Steve Martin song “King Tut” remade as “King Chuck” with verses like this:


King Chuck

First wife was kind of curvy

King Chuck

HIs brothers kind of pervy.

Born inside a palace, never been to Dallas,  King Chuck

King Chuck

King Chuck

Never wore a beardo

Funky Chuck

His son married a weirdo

Ears just like a Donkey, Now he's the head honkey, 70 years he's waitin'  now they say "God Save Him" King Chuck

It’s has to be something to go from punchline to the most prominent King in the world in 24 hours

Elizabeth is a tough act to follow but Charles has several large advantages that she did not

  1. Decades of experience in his royal duties as the longest serving Prince of Wales in History
  2. Decades watching his mother perform her Royal duties at the highest possible level
  3. Rather low expectations
  4. One of the most inept collection of heads of state in the world to be compared to

I mean how tough is it to be a better example than Joe Biden or Vlad Putin?

Of course in the Expectations game he’s almost certainly can’t end up worse than the first King Charles who was beheaded by Cromwell or the 2nd King Charles who had to flee the country after his father execution and ended up with plenty of illegitimate children but no heir.

Ironically his first wife Princess Diana was descended from one of those illegitimate children which means that if either of his sons come to the throne England will once again have a king who is a descendent of all three King Charles.

There is another interesting parallel to history in Charles ascension to the throne. That of course is King Edward VII whose mother Queen Victoria was like Elizabeth II after her, the longest reigning British monarch at the time of her death.

The Edwardian age of course is celebrated in culture as one of the great era in British history, a time of peace and prosperity that came before the first and second world wars led to the dismantling of the British Empire and it’s place in the world.

Given the collapse of western Civilization over the last few decades such an outcome is unlikely but I suspect nobody predicted such a result from King Edward either.

Yesterday Charles completed his first full day as King including a speech to the nation.

Not a bad speech and hit all the right notes. The speech looks even better when you consider that he’s in mourning for his mother.

Of course getting the first thing right is as much of a guarantee as a successful reign as the Bills opening day victory over the defending champion LA Rams means they’re a lock for the Superbowl, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Charles is not only Head of State as of yesterday, but is now also the head of the Anglican Church. While both positions are largely ceremonial I expect to see him challenged in all of those positions by those with various agendas.

It will be how he handles those challenges that his reign will be judged and given his age it is very likely that I might live to see his entire reign and be in a position to evaluate it.

It suspect it won’t be boring.

Unless you live under a rock you will know that Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday at the age of 96 as the longest reigning monarch in English History. Here are some thoughts:

My first thought is that it’s kind of weird. I’m nearly 60 and for my entire life Elizabeth has been Queen of England. It will be very odd to think of someone else as the monarch of England. Particularly Charles

My second thought was with the death of Elizabeth II the most famous living World War 2 vet is now…Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who as Joseph Ratzinger was conscripted into German anti-aircraft corps.

I suppose that might be considered a tiny bit of irony that Benedict outlived her although in fairness he is a year younger. It’s also odd to note that two most famous long lived vets of WW II were both leaders of a Christian Church (Church of England, Roman Catholic).

There are a few bricks being thrown at Elizabeth for being a monarch, for the various grievance people had with the British Empire, one might even gripe about her unwillingness at the head of the Anglican Church to stand up for the faith rather than let it collapse.

But in the end all those complaining about what she did or didn’t do have exactly 0 days experience at being a British Monarch, so I think I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she was a better expert on how to do it wisely than any of her critics might be.

Besides this isn’t the time to be throwing rocks even if you think she deserved it.

It will be something to see the pomp and ceremony of the coronation of Charles as King of England. Given the degree of unbelief in the nation, the no longer primarily English nationality of the population, and the general rejection of all the norms of society it will be almost comical to see the Brits try to pretend that all is as it was.

And given the turmoil within the family generated by the new king’s daughter in law her presence at the events from the funeral to the coronation is going to be very…interesting.

Finally I have a nasty feeling that this tweet which was slightly premature is accurate:

British civilization has been dying for decades, it will likely be officially put in the ground with Elizabeth.