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Libs of TicTok Shows How to Fight Back

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Libs of TicTok has once again been unbanned by Twitter after being banned again for daring to repost public posts by liberal and letting people see what they say in their own words.

Why was she unbanned again, it’s easy, she fights:

LOTT is not interested in litigating against Twitter, but rather in doing journalism. That
said, if Twitter follows through on its threat to permanently suspend our client’s account, LOTT
will have no choice but to sue Twitter. In addition to suing for breach of contract, our client
would bring claims under California state law and the California Constitution.

This is from the letter her lawyers sent Twitter demanding she be reinstated by Sept 3rd.

On Sept 3rd at 10:05 PM EST this tweet went out:

Rush Limbaugh used to say that it’s the pioneers who take the arrows. Libs of Tictok is taking the arrows for all of us and demonstrating that fighting back works.

In the end the law is actually the law and as long as Twitter can’t handle the scrutiny under the law people like Libs of TicTok will be able to keep winning as long as they have courage.

No Innuendo Needed

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AI generated image of Joe Biden

Holy crap, if you didn’t get Nazi vibes after watching President Biden’s speech last night, I have to wonder if we watched the same speech. Between the red backdrop, the hand gestures, the timing with the invasion of Poland, and the military personnel…all of it screamed Nazi Germany. The fact that its not photoshopped still baffles me. Innuendo is supposed to be subtle.

Seriously, who did it better?

Trump wasn’t immune to bad speeches, the worst being his speech early on at the Boy Scout Jamboree. But even this speech made me think “Sheesh, is Trump just that full of himself?”, not “Holy crap, we’re descending into an authoritarian government!” Plenty of people have commented online that Joe Biden just might be off his rocker. I thought it was worthwhile asking an AI what image was conjured with the words “Joe Biden,” and well, its probably not far off.

All the internet comments in the world won’t change the simple fact, as I pointed out during the Virginia elections, that unless you get out to vote, volunteer to help a candidate and donate money specifically to the candidates you like, nothing is going to change. Yet conservatives are far more likely to “go with the flow” and continue to not vote, not volunteer and not donate. Remember all the annoying Obama kids that incessantly knocked on doors? I do. I hated those people, but I bet that they helped tilt the election (that and running a crappy candidate in John McCain).

Joe Biden said all the quiet parts out loud on Thursday. There was no innuendo. It wasn’t subtle. It was in your face for all too see. He’s laid it out for you. So, what will you do about it?

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