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Pro-Ukraine protest in downtown Chicago this spring

By John Ruberry

There is good news out of Ukraine, its forces have made gains in the Kharkiv region and they are near Russian border. There is much ground still to liberate, not only land that Russia has seized in the war that began early this year, but also the area that have been controlled by Russian separatists in the Donetsk region since 2014, as well as Crimea, which Vladimir Putin annexed the same year.

Ukraine has endured an unhappy history. World War II and the Holocaust devastated Ukraine. And in order to impose communism on wealthier peasants in Ukraine, Josef Stalin engineered a famine in the early 1930s, known there as the Holodomor, translating roughly into “man-made starvation.” Roughly four million people perished as a result of Stalin’s atrocities against the kulaks in Ukraine.

Even in a closed society, it’s difficult to coverup a famine. And news trickled out of Ukraine about the Holodomor. But a New York Times reporter, based in Moscow, Walter Duranty, dismissed such stories, instead of “famine” he wrote of “malnutrition” in Ukraine, for instance. 

For a series of 1931 articles about the Soviet Union, Duranty, for his “dispassionate interpretive reporting,” he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. 

While in Moscow, Duranty, was granted a rarity, interviews with Stalin; he also enjoyed another rarity, a luxury apartment in the Soviet capital. During the entire history of the USSR, housing of any kind was scarce. In Moscow Duranty had a mistress, whom he impregnated, and a chauffeur. Automobiles were also rare in Russia in the 1930s. 

In 1933, another journalist, or I should say, a real one, Gareth Jones, visited Ukraine and he was horrified by what he found. “If it is grave now and if millions are dying in the villages, as they are, for I did not visit a single village where many had not died, what will it be like in a month’s time?” Jones wrote for the London Evening Standard. “The potatoes left are being counted one by one, but in so many homes the potatoes have long run out.” 

Duranty’s response to Jones was a New York Times article, “Russians Hungry, But Not Starving.” That same year, Duranty wrote to a friend, “The famine is mostly bunk.”

Another shameful sentence from Duranty, about Stalin’s brutal policies as the Holodomor continued, “To put it brutally,” Duranty wrote for the Times, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

Since the war began attention has been brought to Duranty’s undeserved Pulitzer. Even NPR took notice. “He is the personification of evil in journalism,” Oksana Piaseckyj told NPR earlier this year of Duranty. She is a Ukrainian-American activist who emigrated here as a child over 70 years ago. “We think he was like the originator of fake news,” Piaseckyj added.

The New York Times admitted on its corporate website about Duranty’s work, “Since the 1980’s, the [Times] has been publicly acknowledging his failures.” But it has not returned the tainted Pulitzer. It also notes that twice, most recently in 2003, the Pulitzer board has decided not to revoke its award to Duranty. 

It’s time for them to reconsider.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

9/11 vs 12/7

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If you want to understand the decline of America consider this simple comparison.

21 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor

  1. West Germany was a fully democratic western state with full human rights allied with the US and housing tens of thousands of US troops
  2. Italy was fully democratic western state with full human rights allied with the US and housing tens of thousands of US troops
  3. Japan was a fully democratic state with a western style government with full human rights allied with the US and housing tens of thousands of US troops
  4. The United States Military was the single most powerful military in the world feared by all others with excellent morale and strong leadership.
  5. Pearl Harbor is a fully functioning US Naval base with full capacity to project power anywhere within it’s range.

21 Years after the attack on 9/11

  1. Afghanistan is a rogue state under the rule of the Taliban with Americans held hostage and hundreds of millions of dollars of American equipment in hand.
  2. Iran is closing than ever to developing nuclear weapons while getting concessions and cash from our government and exercising heavy influence in Iraq.
  3. The United States Military has horrible morale, is unable to recruit to the levels needed power, is dismissing people over vaccine mandates and more concerned with advancing a woke agenda then projecting power
  4. The Twin Towers have not been rebuilt and there are no plans to do so nor the will to do so

There is absolutely no chance that the Americans who turned “a day that will live in infamy” into the greatest power the world would have allowed this to happen and it is to our eternal disgrace that we have let ourselves fall this far.

It’s on us as a nation and it’s a horrible thing to behold.