Playing the mindless optimism card

Posted: December 19, 2009 by datechguy in catholic
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Yesterday I was talking with my son about the way he thinks about various things.

When I asked what his perception of me was, he said God had blessed me with mindless optimism and naivete.

A great example of this happened yesterday. I already commented on Stacy’s big announcement when it occurred to me that this is exactly the best time for people to mend fences. If I was in a dispute with someone on another matter and someone had a positive announcement in that vein I would send polite congratulations.

It’s that type of civility that is the first step to making things right. God constantly gives this kind of small blessing to man, a simple way to get back into his good graces by (particularly at Christmastime) to show some small kindness to his fellow man.

So I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I checked Charles blog to see if he had reacted to RSM’s announcement.

Instead, of course there was an attempt to portray him as a Nazi.

I was very disappointed but anyone with sense would have known better (that’s just about everyone else).

You may laugh but that same optimistic view of man is the one God maintains of us. The willingness to forgive and to give yet another chance to take the right path.

May we all have a little of that at Christmas time and enough to keep us the rest of the year as well.

  1. rightwinggamer says:

    That optimism is needed right now, as well as a watch for what is to come. They are voting on cloture 1AM Monday, with a possible Christmas Eve vote for the Senate Version.

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