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…in terms of hits.

#10 is from Sept 22nd. The title says it all:

DaTechGuy Banned by LGF.

I guess this would qualify under rule 4.

#9 with 6% more hits than #10 is from May 7th and deals with Baseball and the wisdom of youth, a particular youth.

That Theo Epstein is really smart:

The topic of the post was Manny and steroids. I think it’s still a valid question, would Manny have made the money he did without the drugs?

#8 with about 9% more hits than #7 was big news on Oct 22nd 2009:


This was big news then and the fact that it lead to the defeat of Dede is still one of the best things that has happened to the GOP, David Frum not withstanding

#7 has a full 31% increase on #8 but the numbers are a bit phony in one respect. From April 30th 2009:

Breast cancer at 10

The story is sad but the hits were totally accidental, I linked to the blog that contained the story, apparently I was the only trackback so a lot of people clicked through. Some good news the latest news from the blog suggests a happy ending.

#6 increased traffic 18% over #7 and is only 10 days old December 1st, 2009. Again the origin of the hits involves the trials of someone small and green:

FLASH! Charles Johnson trolls for hits: Lobbies to be an MSNBC regular…

No word on if MSNBC has called yet.

#5 increases the hits by a further 17% and proves that sex sells over anger. From June 24th 2009:

I would rather get laid than be president…

There is actually an update on that story in today’s news. The extra hits came via Michelle and the Anchoress. My trackbacks never show up on Michelle’s blog anymore for some reason.

Believe it or not there is an exact tie for #3 both with a 7% increase from #5 and both are from the same day (Sept 15th) dealing with pretty much the same subject:

How much traffic can you actually get from Hannah Giles Bikini photos?

Look at the hits Update: (and they keep coming)

Ironically the hits actually came not from the googlebomb from Hannah Giles Bikini photos but from the same source as our next entry…

#2 that comes from the same day as the two posts at #3 but managed to get 89% more hits than either. The reason is in the title

Morning Joe notices Acorn…Update: Welcome Rush Listeners!

It wasn’t a direct link, Michelle Malkin’s top story was linked directly by Rush and My link is the first trackback on her page. All three posts had hits through the roof because of it showing that a secondary Rush provides link provides more hits than Sex, but not more hits than…

#1 From Feb 2nd 2009. It is an increase of 122% over #2 and accounts for more hits than #2-4 combined

Human Rights (watch is optional)

This is of course my instalanche, I remember the day well. I had put up the post on the president and Rendition. Nothing much happened for most of the day. I was surfing that afternoon and left the computer as it was time for dinner. I went to the table, ate, came back to the den and looked at my stats and they were through the roof. The post had gone up before 7 a.m. but Glenn’s post went up at just before 5 p.m. and that’s when the hits went crazy.

I have yet to see another day like that one or another instalance, but to all of you who have come and stayed, my heartfelt thanks.

Remind me, who won World War 2?

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Apparently not who we thought:

But sometimes a story emerges that requires outright condemnation. On this occasion, the condemnation goes to the British Government. The government – our government, supposedly representing you and me in its interaction with people abroad – wants to label goods as coming from the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, so as to help consumers boycott them.

As it happens, I have misgivings about the settlements and think that those who call for a return to old borders have a point. But only people with no sense of history could think it unobjectionable to start branding Jewish goods like this.

Haaretz has more, there is both more and less to this than meets the eye:

According to European Union law, many types of products, especially food products, that are imported from outside the Union, by law must be labeled with the country of their origin. The British government issued its recommendation after several NGOs and marketing chains asked for guidelines regarding the differentiation between settler products and Palestinian products from the West Bank.

According to the new guidelines, the British government recommends indicating whether the product was made by Palestinians or Israeli settlers on the label of every product originating from the West Bank

This is a no brainier. Nobody argued that the west bank was anything but Jordanian before 1967. Israel defeated Jordan in a legitimate war so the choice is either to recognize that conquest or not. I don’t hear anyone claiming it is part of Jordan, but instead they designate it part of a mythical state that doesn’t and never has existed.

Until or unless Israel cedes it it the products that come from the West Bank are products of Israel.

This is really more about European Bureaucracy than it is antisemitism but the self righteousness of those arguing for this differential (take a look at the comments at the linked site) reveal the motives for what they are. Let them answer this question if they dare?

Which brings us, of course, to the moral issue that has long been obscured and forgotten: why would “peace” entail the forced expulsion of at least 100,000 people, and even if a sovereign Palestinian entity were to arise in the West Bank, why would it have to be Judenrein?

Who knew that 65 years after it’s fall the Reich’s dream of Judenrien lands would be shared by so many who have such moral superiority; dare we say it; a Moral master race!

So I guess I’ll make your life easier and put it on now.

“But DaTechGuy”, say you, “you’re not Jewish, you’re Catholic and a Sicilian American, why do you wear the patch?”

My answer? I hope to follow the example of that good fictional priest Fr. William O’Malley from Lee Marvin’s last movie:

Abdul: What is your name?
Father O’Malley: William O’Malley.
Abdul: I did not call you.
Father O’Malley: You called for all the Jews. I’m Jewish, just like Jesus Christ. You take one, you gotta take us all.

That’s good enough for me.

Update: Is the irony that this story comes out on the first day of Hanukkah enough for you? Let me wish all my Jewish readers a happy and blessed Hanukkah.

For our Protestant friends who don’t include the book, the Biblical story of that first Hanukkah is here.

The Jawa Report gives us an interesting postscript to the Rifqa Bary story:

In a stunning development in the ongoing legal saga of Muslim-turned-Christian convert Rifqa Bary, the parents’ attorney, Omar Tarazi, filed a motion with the Franklin County courts last week moving to ban on all Christmas cards being sent to Rifqa through her attorneys, and demanding the seizure from her of all Christmas cards that she might have already received. And yet her parents still make representations to the media that they intend to honor and respect her Christian faith, while their attorney files sealed motions stating that Christmas cards are “dangerous to her health and safety”.

Am I surprised, yes and no. Yes I’m surprised that Jawa scooped Atlas on this and no I’m not the least bit surprised by CAIR’s actions. They are Islamists in sheep’s clothing. And that clothing is only convincing to those who want to believe.

…this time over Obama’s Oslo speech.

The Nobel address was Obama at his worst or near-worst. Let’s count the ways.

He then proceeds to Fisk the speech raising a some valid points. I personally think he is missing the forest for the trees but it is a valid critique.

More interesting that this is the fact that Mr. Frum will find that the media that normally fawns over him lately while trashing Palin will be quoting Palin approvingly today (as Morning Joe already has) and ignoring his take. The results for him are predictable:

Will this be a dawn of awareness concerning the media’s sudden respect for him? I wouldn’t be the farm on it. I think he might be one of the people Mike Gravel is talking about.

Update: Talk about strange bedfellows, Atlas and Bolton are with Frum on this one.