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I wrote a long first impression of the Talisman expansion The Dungeon back in July. For whatever reason I never wrote one for Amazon until Friday.

Since I’m posting so many other Amazon reviews this weekend including two concerning talisman I figured I’d write one for Amazon. It’s here.

Bottom line, since picking up this expansion we never play without it. I think it’s great. If you have a gamer on your Christmas list consider this with the base game.

My Review of Big Finish’s Companion Chronicles 3.1 The Drowned World featuring veteran actress Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom companion of the 1st Doctor is available at here.

I strongly suggest that before you consider buying this episode you go to the Mike’s comics web site and pick up the episode Home Truths which comes before it. Remember they offer free shipping for any cd order over $60.

My review of the Frostmarch expansion for the Talisman board Game is available at here.

I hit the alternate endings pretty hard in the review although for our group it really speeds up the game. When you are playing with a group of 7 or more speeding up the game is good.

The two alternate endings not included in the game but downloadable are The Crown of Command (the regular ending) and the Danse-Macabre. I include the links to both PDFs along with the back of the card if you want to print them out. If they had included these cards with the expansion the review would have earned that 4th star.

One note the Danse Macabre variation requires the Reaper Expansion (reviewed here)

Isn’t that the job description…

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of a mistress?

Fifth Alleged Tiger Mistress: He “Used Me” For Sex

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