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My review of the board game Munchkin Quest by Steve Jackson games is available at here.

If you enjoy the card game it is highly likely you will like the board game. We have played it twice at game night and the reviews are generally favorable.

Unlike the card game there are several new luck factors introduced, this may effect your enjoyment of the game depending on your temperament, but all and all it seems to be a winner, an expensive winner but a winner.

My review of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles 3.2 The Great Space Elevator staring Debra Wattling as Victoria Waterfield companion to the 2nd Doctor. is available at here.

A word of warning, it is unclear if this is set up for the right product on I would suggest picking it up from Either Mike’s comics (best deal) or direct from Big finish

In the Land of Woman: Amazon Review

Posted: December 27, 2009 by datechguy in amazon reviews

My review of the chick flick In the Land of Woman is available at here.

This one was considerably better than the last chick flick that I sat through with my wife.