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….and his review in the New York Times shows it. And in four sentences he boils down the essence of both Sarah Palin and the book.

For many politicians, family life is sandwiched in between long hours in public service. Palin wants us to know that for her it is the reverse. Political success is an accident that says nothing about you. Success as a wife, mother and citizen says everything.

That is the bottom line, oh and notice the amusing condensation he deals with in simply obtaining the book and the talking down he gets from the shocked readers of the times totally unaccustomed to even a review of a conservative book let alone a positive one..

My own review is here and my post here.

Via Glenn.

…it is a fair case for a position I disagree with, not just to hear a reasonable argument on the other side but because of some of the truths he expresses two in particular:

1. The Warren Buffett principle: Everything I’ve ever gotten in life is largely because I was born in this country, America. It is the primary obligation of our generation to turn over a similar America to our kids.

The sentence might also say because my parents came here. He may not realize it but this is the #1 case against both the Climate deals and obamacare.

The 2nd is the most important:

2. Many big bad things happen in the world without America, but not a lot of big good things. If we become weak and enfeebled by economic decline and debt, as we slowly are, America may not be able to play its historic stabilizing role in the world. If you didn’t like a world of too-strong-America, you will really not like a world of too-weak-America — where China, Russia and Iran set more of the rules. (emphasis mine)

That bolded line is the single most important thing you need to know about America. He leaves out the importance military decline but the point is made. A weak America is a disaster for the entire world.

If you want to make someone understand American Greatness or what America means to the world these two things are what you need to drill into them.

…for putting the Richard T. Antoun murder by an islamist on page one.

Good luck waiting for the rest of the media to catch up.

Oh and three cheers to the Old Time Diner next door to Romano’s for the Pastrami on a bulkie with Grilled onions and Cheese that I ate while reading that paper.

Ok my business of the day before is taken care of, I’ve had a night to think about it and read and re-read Patterico’s post and Robert Stacy’s posts on the subject.

I’ve read Patterico for a while and assume that there is nothing underlying between him and Robert. I have no reason to believe anything else and I’m certainly not going to conclude anything like that.

So lets hit this topic in sequence: (more…)