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The Geek Christmas Post

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I’m sure Sheldon’s mother would approve.

1 DaH ‘oH qaSta’ Daq chaH jajmey, vetlh a decree mejta’ pa’ vo’ Caesar Augustus vetlh Hoch the qo’ should taH enrolled.

2 vam ghaHta’ the wa’Dich enrollment chenmoHta’ ghorgh Quirinius ghaHta’ governor vo’ Syria.

3 Hoch mejta’ Daq enroll themselves, Hoch Daq Daj ghaj veng.

4 Joseph je mejta’ Dung vo’ Galilee, pa’ vo’ the veng vo’ Nazareth, Daq Judea, Daq the veng vo’ David, nuq ghaH ja’ Bethlehem, because ghaH ghaHta’ vo’ the tuq je qorDu’ vo’ David;

5 Daq enroll himself tlhej Mary, ‘Iv ghaHta’ pledged Daq taH married Daq ghaH as be’nal, taH pregnant.

6 ‘oH qaSta’, qaStaHvIS chaH were pa’, vetlh the jaj ghajta’ ghoS vetlh ghaH should nob birth.

7 ghaH qempu’ vo’ Daj firstborn puqloD, je ghaH wrapped ghaH Daq baghmoHwI’ vo’ cloth, je laid ghaH Daq a feeding trough, because pa’ ghaHta’ ghobe’ room vaD chaH Daq the inn.

8 pa’ were shepherds Daq the rap Hatlh staying Daq the yotlh, je keeping watch Sum ram Dung chaj flock.

9 yIlegh, an Duy vo’ the joH Qampu’ Sum chaH, je the batlh vo’ the joH shone around chaH, je chaH were terrified.

10 The Duy ja’ta’ Daq chaH, “ yImev taH vIp, vaD yIlegh, jIH qem SoH QaQ news vo’ Dun Quch nuq DichDaq taH Daq Hoch the ghotpu.

11 vaD pa’ ghaH bogh Daq SoH, vam jaj, Daq the veng vo’ David, a toDwI’, ‘Iv ghaH Christ the joH.

12 vam ghaH the sign Daq SoH: SoH DichDaq tu’ a ghu wrapped Daq strips vo’ cloth, lying Daq a feeding trough.”

13 Suddenly, pa’ ghaHta’ tlhej the Duy a qevmey vo’ the heavenly army praising joH’a’, je ja’ta’,

14 “ batlh Daq joH’a’ Daq the highest, Daq tera’ roj, QaQ DichDaq toward loDpu’.”

15 ‘oH qaSta’, ghorgh the Duy”a’pu’ mejta’ DoH vo’ chaH Daq the sky, vetlh the shepherds ja’ta’ wa’ Daq another, “Let’s jaH Daq Bethlehem, DaH, je legh vam Doch vetlh ghajtaH qaSta’, nuq the joH ghajtaH chenmoHta’ Sovta’ Daq maH.”

16 chaH ghoSta’ tlhej haste, je tu’ta’ both Mary je Joseph, je the ghu ghaHta’ lying Daq the feeding trough.

17 ghorgh chaH leghta’ ‘oH, chaH publicized widely the ja’ta’ nuq ghaHta’ jatlhpu’ Daq chaH about vam puq.

18 Hoch ‘Iv Qoyta’ ‘oH wondered Daq the Dochmey nuq were jatlhpu’ Daq chaH Sum the shepherds.

19 ‘ach Mary polta’ Hoch Dochvammey sayings, pondering chaH Daq Daj tIq.

20 The shepherds cheghta’, glorifying je praising joH’a’ vaD Hoch the Dochmey vetlh chaH ghajta’ Qoyta’ je leghpu’, just as ‘oH ghaHta’ ja’ta’ chaH.

As you might guess this is taken from this site.

Too good not to put up

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Do you want to smile? Read this from Andy McCarthy

…as we’re off to mass and then my mothers for Christmas Eve as always.

May all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading and God Bless you all, every one.

After all this story is dated Dec 23.

A conservative activist and Illinois comptroller candidate was escorted from the Illinois State Capitol building Wednesday when he tried to remove a sign put up by an atheist group.

William J. Kelly announced Tuesday that he planned to take down the sign put up by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and on Wednesday, he tried to make good on his plan.

The story has this interesting note:

For the second year in a row, the Capitol also has an aluminum Festivus pole commemorating the fictional holiday created in “Seinfeld.”

I guess he can claim to have been acting in the best traditions of Festivus, then again the police that took him away can say the same thing, Feats of Strength you know.