PA’s Dems Need to know How many Votes to Steal

Posted: October 13, 2022 by datechguy in elections
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This story is not a shock:

Acting Pennsylvania Secretary of State Leigh Chapman on Tuesday said meaningful election results probably won’t be available on election night on Nov. 8, and she and a Republican spokesman traded accusations of who is to blame.

It’s very simple. Until election night Democrats will not know how may votes would be necessary to steal in order to guarantee victories in the governors or Senate Race.

Once they know the number then the call can be made if it is plausible to steal it or if the number is just too high to be credible.

Do you really think that Trump would have won PA, WI or AZ in 2016 if the left wasn’t convinced he was going to lose and didn’t bother to get their steal in place? Why do you think it took so long to call in 2016?

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