Report from Louisiana: 2023 Gubernatorial Election Early Outlook

Posted: October 17, 2022 by Pat Austin in Uncategorized
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By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – The Louisiana gubernatorial election is not until next year but there is already a good bit of buzz and a flurry of activity.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has officially thrown his hat into the ring. According to the Louisiana Hayride blog:

“Several members of the LAGOP Republican State Central Committee … have told us they’re being directly wooed by Landry’s campaign. The sense is that Landry probably already has better than half the RSCC willing to vote to endorse him, but he’s going for a vast consensus if not a unanimous vote as soon as possible… What we’ve heard is that Landry is offering himself as a disruptive change agent where state government is concerned, and that he wants to bring a more comprehensive reform agenda than anybody’s seen since perhaps Huey Long’s time.”

This move is designed to shut out any challenge by Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser who has yet to commit to the race. While everyone expects him to run, Nungesser says he won’t make it official until January. By that time, Jeff Landry will have solidified much of the support, and a lot of the money.

The Louisiana Illuminator seems to think Nungesser is the more electable of the two:

Nungesser might well be the closest thing the state GOP has to a unifying force. Louisiana’s Republican Party has suffered from its own fractures and mismanagement in recent years. Although Nungesser isn’t as conservative as some of its far-right members would like, he has the ability to appease the party’s deep-pocketed donors.

And we still have the John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy factor. Popular opinion says that Senator John Kennedy will run for governor if he loses his senatorial re-election campaign (which seems unlikely).

What does NOT appear to be strong is a lot of Democratic candidates. The Democratic party chairperson offers New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno as a strong candidate. Moreno “says she has been getting pushed to run in the wake of the Supreme Court’s historic anti-abortion ruling but hasn’t committed to the race.”

Anyone coming out of NOLA government can’t be seen as a great choice now that NOLA is the Murder Capital of the United States.

It is still early and we still have mid-terms to plod through, but even at the early date I think it’s safe to color Louisiana a red state in 2023.

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