The Tell on Democrats/Media/Tech and Stolen Elections

Posted: October 17, 2022 by datechguy in elections, elections, politics
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Romney didn’t win did he?

Harry Reid Justifying his blatant lies concerning Mitt Romney after election 2012

Detective Gregory: Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?

Sherlock Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

Detective Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time.

Sherlock Holmes: That was the curious incident. Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventure of Silverblaze 1896

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventure of Silverblaze 1896

As I contemplate my soon to be banning from Youtube for daring to say and maintain publicly that election 2022 was as Crooked as the Houston Astros last World Series title I’d like to mention one more give concerning not just the last presidential election but the next one.

You might recall that I said and still think the biggest give concerning the last election was the sudden stop of the vote count in five states at once:

The Democrat bosses in Nevada, in Michigan, in Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania each knew that they were capable of stealing their own state but each of them also knew that their own state would not be enough. What’s the point of stealing Nevada and or Wisconsin with it’s 10 electoral votes or even Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes if it just meant narrowing the margin of the Trump victory, especially if such a victory was followed by a federal investigation that could put them away for a very long time?

No each of them had to have blood on their hands so to speak. Each of them had to be sure that the other bosses necks would be on the line. Each of the had to be sure that they would be all in on the steal (and I suspect each of them had to be sure that the media and the tech giants would back them up, I would not be surprised if there was coordination with those folks during the pause in the count.) and I suspect only when they agreed to hang together rather than risk hanging repeatedly did the counts resume.

Now we all know how this ended, with state courts playing jurisdictional games and SCOTUS punting because, in my opinion nobody wanted to deal with the consequences of the truth being known, but there is one other consideration that hasn’t been touched.

Right now there is at worst there is a majority and at best a sizable minority or even a plurality of people who think the election systems are either compromised or dishonest.

That being the case what is the obvious thing to do.

Well the media/government/tech have taken steps to address this

  • They’ve labeled them “election deniers”
  • They’ve had them suspended on social media
  • They’ve had them shunned and berate

They’ve done all these things but not the obvious thing that one would do in the face of skepticism of the honestly of the election process::

Make the system transparent to demonstrate that it is clean

Now if you are running clean elections and you want to reassure the public that the elections are clean this would normally be job one and if you’re running a clean election it’s not hard:

  • You’d demonstrate a clean chain of custody of ballots
  • You’d have an open and livestreamed count
  • You’d make sure that observers to the count and the ballots from all sides were present to make sure things were clean
  • And you’d tout these steps so that all could see that the voting and the count are open, honest and clean.

These are all the type of things that you would do very publicly to demonstrate to the world that any suggestion that the results of our elections were being manipulated are hogwash.

Yet this has not been the case, you don’t see stories demonstrating the security of the ballot or the machines or all the safeguards out there. You don’t see the media or the pols touting them nor any attempt to give the skeptical voter reason to believe any fears are unfounded.


There is one obvious answer and I submit and suggest that the answer is the left/media/tech left are not doing these things because they KNOW the process in their enclaves can not stand up to any sort of scrutiny and to make the process transparent will only show the world that they’ve been cheating for a very long time.

The lack of such offers and reassurances is is a really big tell the bigger one will be fighting tooth and nail against them.

Update: Via Don Surber Emerald Robinson is on it:

5 Big Election Fraud Stories Breaking Just Before The 2022 Midterms The 2022 elections are going to be the least secure elections since 2020!

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