Five Patriots Thoughts Under the Fedora: Cam Who? 3-3 vs 3-3, Is Mac Wally Pip? Joe and Matt’s excellent Adventure and Two inexpensive gems.

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Was it just one year ago that Cam Newton was released by the Patriots and the starting Job put in the hands of Mac Jones? Can you imagine how different this season would have been if he was kept as a backup?

At the start of the season if you told me that Patriots would be 3-3 the reaction of everyone would be “meh” and nobody would be talking much about the team.

But with Mac Jones still down with an injury and the 3rd string 4th round pick winning two straight suddenly the Pats are the talk of the town.

It’s all in the enviorment.

When Mac Jones first got hurt we were talking 4-6 weeks and some were hitting him for not opting for surgery to speed things up rather than taking the longer route. Now I suspect nobody in Patriots nation want to rush him back.

Now the wise thing with Zappe playing so well is to let Jones heal fully rather than rush him and risk further injury, the question is now that his job might be in danger will Jones feel the same.

Nobody wants to be the next Wally Pip although it’s premature to call Zappe the next Lou Gehrig

At the start of the season everyone was laughing at the idea of Belichick using failed head coaches Joe Judge and Matt Patricia running the offense together without an offensive coordinator with Josh McDaniels gone to the Raiders.

Well now nobody is laughing with the Pats 3-3 even with a 3rd string QB and McDaniels Raiders 1-4.

Apparently I underestimated Bill Belichick’s decision making big time.

Finally Zappe himself has done an excellent job in the Patriots system and I see no reason to bench him if he keeps winning.

Furthermore I see no downside of having two solid QB’s in the tent. Remember Brady going down vs Pittsburgh in the AFC championship and Bledsoe coming in to save the day.

If Bill doesn’t have that 2nd front line QB does Brady get that 1st ring and all those who follow?

I say use the SF method with Montana and Young. keep em both fresh and make other teams worry about who they’re facing.

After all these are two rookie contracts so you can afford to keep em both without big cap hits, take advantage and run with it.

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