Mitch McConnell is betraying Republican voters by collaborating with Democrats to pass the JCPA Media Cartel Bill

Posted: December 8, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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Mitch McConnell is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.  He is a swamp dweller who all too often conspires with Democrats in their dismantling of the United States.  Long ago he declared war on conservative republicans in the United States Senate.

Just this week Mitch McConnell engaged in his greatest betrayal of the American people when he caved to radical Democrats who seek to cram the Journalism Competition Preservation Act into the latest National Defense Authorization Act.  McConnell’s latest betrayal is captured in this Breitbart article.

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell has caved to outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and will allow the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to include the highly controversial media cartel bill the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News.

Democrats have been pushing the JCPA intensely because it is nothing more than a scheme to censor conservatives and other right wingers.

The JCPA, essentially a transfer of wealth from Silicon Valley to the discredited and distrusted corporate legacy media, is highly controversial. Beyond the financial payouts to media companies, they will be able to form a “joint negotiating entity”—a cartel, immune from antitrust law—to negotiate with Big Tech companies on the “terms and conditions” for carrying their content.

Censorship is sure to be a frequent demand of media companies. Despite provisions in the bill that purportedly stop media companies from negotiating the suppression of any one competitor, there is nothing to stop them asking their content to be prioritized over broadly-drawn categories that are used as pretexts for censorship, like “disinformation.”

As usual Democrats try hard to obscure their misdeeds through word games and legal charades.

Even with the hastily-added Senate amendment aimed at addressing conservative concerns regarding collusion between the media industry and Big Tech on the censorship of competitors, the bill still contains plenty of ways for the cartel to sideline conservative media.

Provisions to ensure the cartel cannot discriminate on the basis of “viewpoint” are particularly unconvincing. The pretexts used by social media companies, “fact checkers,” and other arms of the corporate censorship apparatus are almost always viewpoint-neutral. No one is censored for being a conservative, say the censors: they are censored for “misinformation,” “hate speech,” “conspiracy theories,” and other purportedly viewpoint-neutral reasons.

Both George Washington and John Adams warned strenuously against dividing the United States into two political parties.  They have been proven correct over and over again.  Mitch McConnell’s latest betrayal is more proof that they were right.

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