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…after all according to this piece at RedState:

She also claims white people are inherently corrupt and at one point declared that we have to “take these muthaf***ers out.”

All of this being the case today must be a red letter day for her and those who think like her.

After all on this date 81 years ago over 2400 mostly White straight male Americans will killed when the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor. Even better as a result of this raid many other American possessions in the pacific garrisoned mostly by white straight males would be seized and thousands more of those, as she puts it “motherfuckers” would be taken out.

Of course all of these celebration is tempered by the fact that in the end those straight white males would prevail dictating terms to the Empire of Japan from the deck of the USS Missouri right in Tokyo Bay.

But at least she’ll always have Pearl Harbor day.

Closing thought, just how many such academics are in the schools today and how many sitting Democrat pols all over the nation believe and support this but don’t dare say it aloud?

I suspect the number is rather significant.