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Pittsburgh: Is downtown at a crossroads?

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By Christopher Harper

Pittsburgh, a longtime example of how a city can change from an industrial mess to a tech haven, is running into a variety of problems in places run by Democrats.

As a journalist in the 1970s, I covered organized labor and needed a shower after trips through the blazing heat of the steel mills. On several visits in the 2000s, however, I found a city that had changed from Budweiser to craft beer and from kielbasa to kale.

Downtown Pittsburgh had changed from shuttered stores to bustling restaurants and museums.

Recently, however, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has documented the fraying of the social fabric that brought the city back from the brink.

“Frustration over shootings, fights, panhandling, and open drug dealing boiled over during a recent meeting between Downtown business owners and merchants and top officials within Mayor Ed Gainey’s administration,” the newspaper reported last weekend in a front-page story.

“Some worried about losing commercial or residential tenants if the situation doesn’t change or how they can cajole workers back to the office given anxiety about safety. Another fretted about losing businesses or restaurants.”

Although other cities have experienced far higher crime statistics since the end of the COVID crisis, Pittsburgh businesses, particularly in the downtown area, have grown accustomed to safe streets.

In a recent meeting with the new mayor, business leaders expressed concern that city leadership isn’t doing enough, particularly to address issues like aggressive panhandling, fights, unruly youths, and loitering.

Like many Democrats, the new mayor is taking a hands-off approach to street crime, which has many business leaders worried.

“We’ve got to stop kidding ourselves. We’ve got to stop fighting about it and just say, go outside, smell it, look at it, experience it. It’s bad, and it’s getting worse,” said Kevin Wade, executive vice president of the PNC Financial Services Group. “If you keep up this resistance, it’s going to be beyond repair.”

Ralph Falbo, who owns a condominium building, said tenants get upset over issues like aggressive panhandling. “I got people calling me saying as soon as my lease is up, I’m gone,” he said.

Tom Smith, the managing partner of the Pittsburgh office of K&L Gates, said the law firm had tried everything from pancake and bacon breakfasts to cornhole tournaments to entice people back to the office.

But it turned out that the event that drew the biggest crowd was when Pittsburgh police came to speak about the downtown area. “It was very eye-opening to me. The point someone made about perception is the reality. Certainly, the perception is that things are really bad and that something needs to be done,” he said.

As many visitors to Pittsburgh will attest, the city has rebuilt a vibrant downtown. It would be sad to see it go the way of other major cities!

There seems to be a lot of weird things going on with the NFL in terms of rulings and results. Many odd endings, many surprise finishes and results. It makes games rather interesting.

A lot of people have commented on these things but nobody is talking about the elephant in the room which is the proliferation of gambling on sports.

Can anyone tell me why we should not assume that the hundreds of millions being bet on the NFL is not affecting how the game is played, coached or refed?

Old friend Ladd Ehlinger (Filmladd) now has a Youtube Channel, you can find it and his material here:

I suggest subscribing, I’d do it myself but as you all know I’ve been permanently suspended from youtube for daring to suggest that election 2020 was not completely honest.

For the record you can find most of my material than managed to migrate on my Rumble channel here.

The first two episodes of season 3 of The Chosen are now both available so those of us who did not go to the theatre are caught up.

They have already managed to pay for two complete episodes of season 4 and are less than $32,000 away from making it three out of 8 as of this writing.

It will be interesting to see how much more of season four is paid for as the next four episodes are broadcast along with a 2nd movie premiere that is apparently planned for episodes 7 & 8. They’re 15 million to go to finish funding that season. I’d not be surprised if have it all funded before Easter (April 9th) but I suspect that before this season has been broadcast they will be at least 5 episodes completely paid for.

While this has been the slowest Christmas I’ve ever seen at work we had a tiny burst of orders this week.

It seems a lot of people believe that if you order something with two day delivery seven days before Christmas you’ll still manage to get it on time. Of course if EVERYONE decides to try to order 2nd day at the same time then there isn’t enough capacity to get everything in time delivered.

This happens every single Christmas as if nobody every learns. That’s one thing I’ll give Amazon, they started warning people “This will arrive after Christmas” last week.

Of course if you celebrate all seven days of Christmas that’s not a problem.

Finally the Jan 6th committee kangaroo court has decided recommended charges against Donald Trump in their last days and the media is practically orgasmic.

It’s a testament to how effective Donald Trump was as president that the left/media has spent the last six years going through so much effort to demonize him even to the point (as the twitter files expose) of the FBI actively working to help fix the election.

My thought is it would have been a lot easier for the deep state to not worry about it and ride out a re-election. By now they’d be almost done with him and able to resume business and graft as usual. In fact I suspect if they had made a deal or two with him early he wouldn’t have gotten in their way all that much.

If it was worth that much effort to keep him from the office the rot that is going on must be a lot worse and a lot deeper than we even now currently think. It also explains why the left was so panicked about Musk taking over Twitter.

Yet for some reason Trump scared them so much that they have come out into the open to be seen, giving us the choice to deal wit it or let it be. That more than anything else has been the greatest legacy of his administration that it has given us the people the choice of keeping our republic or freely letting it go.

May we choose wisely.