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when, not if, the SJW affirmative action Doctor fails what then? If the ratings don’t improve and the audience doesn’t return do you DARE kill off the 1st woman doctor after one season? After two? Do you risk the wrath of the SJW community if you don’t replace the 1st woman doctor with the 2nd woman doctor or the first openly gay doctor hitting on every man in history or the first transgender doctor or the first cisnormative but sexually confused asian crossdressing doctor? You get the idea. Once you start down this path you’ll have a tough time getting out of it without facing a backlash and we’ve already seen how very nice the SJW community reacts?

DaTechGuy Why The Doctor should not be Tilda Swinton (or any woman for that matter) 2017

Yesterday while I was at the Catholic Men’s Conference and away from the net Ladd Ehlinger sent me a heads up on a video he made called “Doctor Who is Doomed”.

When I saw the title this morning I expected a post about how the series even with the temporary return of David Tennant and the less temporary return of Russell T Davies was not going to be enough to save the series from the self inflicted wounds it gave itself in 2017

Instead it was about a trailer the BBC put out for it’s Doctor Who Doom cross platform series.

I had heard of this from Big Finish which is one of the platforms this story is going to be on which says this about it on the pre-order page.

Someone has sent literal Death after Doom. She can only outrun it for 24 hours. Unless she can find the Doctor…

Doom’s Day is a multi-platform Doctor Who story to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary by introducing a brand-new character on a 24-hour pursuit of the Doctor.

Further story details to follow.

And this on the backstage Tab of the preorder page

Russell T Davies says: “Doom’s Day is a huge new adventure for the whole Doctor Who universe – starring the brilliant and hilarious Sooz Kempner as an intergalactic assassin. Her adventures will span comics, audio, a novel, video games stories and more, expanding the world of Doctor Who into brand new territories. Beware the Doom’s Day, it’s coming for us all.”

Sooz Kempner says: “To be part of the Doctor Who universe, a British institution up there with cups of tea and James Bond, is surreal and amazing! I love everything about Doom and can’t believe I get to travel across time and space with her.”

Now in fairness I don’t know anything about Sooz Kempner. To my knowledge I’ve never seen any of her work and I have no idea if she is funny or how funny she was, but let me tell you this. If I were her agent and saw the preview that Ladd Ehlinger showed me in his video I would have given her this advice:

I don’t want to steal Ladd’s Thunder so here is his video Doctor Who is Doomed which incorporates the BBC promo for the Doom cross platform series.

Ok let’s forget for a moment the point Ladd was making concerning the history of breaking the 4th wall and filmmaking which is interesting but doesn’t include my favorite example of such namely the Bob Hope, Bing Crosby Dorthey Lamour Road Pictures…

…and ask yourself this:

You’re the BBC. You’ve just finished a five year disaster that has cratered the ratings of not only a British institution but of what once was a cash cow for the network for decades. A crater so bad that you needed to bring back multiple doctors and companions from the original series run (Including William Russell who was in the very first episode of Doctor Who setting the record by returning to a TV series 57 years later to play the same character at age of 97) in order to sell a regeneration story.

You’ve then instead of instead of introducing the announced new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa who will be both the first black doctor and reportedly the first gay doctor brought back the very popular David Tennant who was the 10th doctor his popular companion Catherine Tate and even showrunner Russell T Davies to try to salvage something for the 60th anniversary of the show (while sneaking in the first transgender companion) in the hopes of drawing back the millions who have not only stopped watching but stopped buying all the licensed stuff that filled your coffers.

You’ve even created a clever gimmick of having a cross platform story over comic books, video games, a book, a Big Finish audio and the TV show to try and get people who have dropped all things Doctor to buy all those side items that they have abandoned.

You’ve done all this with hope that the series returns to the ratingsy that it had during those pre-Cibinal years…:

Apparently this strategy has not been all that productive when it came to the new “festive” special:

Whereas the Christmas Special used to get ratings in the 12 million, 13 million range, the latest “Festive Special” got… 4.69 million.

The absolute lowest of the rebooted Doctor Who.

…And the Quality of the those years:

The irony being that according to my oldest who actually watched it the episode was one best of the Jodie Whitaker series, in that it was better than the absolute worst episodes (like Fear Her and Oxygen) of the revived series but not as good as what could be considered a standard vanilla episode like The Curse of the Black Spot or even Thin Ice.

And you produce a promo that is so bad, so unappealing and so amateurish that any fan making a trailer of their own would be ashamed to put it out.

Moreover Russell T Davies is the showrunner for the series. He has been given the ultimate task of selling this to a reluctant audience skittish about returning. Let he allows (or even worse) creates this promo to be the gateway to his tenure on the series?


If this is a signal of the days to come under RTD part 2 let me repeat the warning given in the Big Bang clip above to those who are considering investing their time and money in this Doom special:

Run away Dude! Run Fast, Run Far!

There seems to be a lot of weird things going on with the NFL in terms of rulings and results. Many odd endings, many surprise finishes and results. It makes games rather interesting.

A lot of people have commented on these things but nobody is talking about the elephant in the room which is the proliferation of gambling on sports.

Can anyone tell me why we should not assume that the hundreds of millions being bet on the NFL is not affecting how the game is played, coached or refed?

Old friend Ladd Ehlinger (Filmladd) now has a Youtube Channel, you can find it and his material here:

I suggest subscribing, I’d do it myself but as you all know I’ve been permanently suspended from youtube for daring to suggest that election 2020 was not completely honest.

For the record you can find most of my material than managed to migrate on my Rumble channel here.

The first two episodes of season 3 of The Chosen are now both available so those of us who did not go to the theatre are caught up.

They have already managed to pay for two complete episodes of season 4 and are less than $32,000 away from making it three out of 8 as of this writing.

It will be interesting to see how much more of season four is paid for as the next four episodes are broadcast along with a 2nd movie premiere that is apparently planned for episodes 7 & 8. They’re 15 million to go to finish funding that season. I’d not be surprised if have it all funded before Easter (April 9th) but I suspect that before this season has been broadcast they will be at least 5 episodes completely paid for.

While this has been the slowest Christmas I’ve ever seen at work we had a tiny burst of orders this week.

It seems a lot of people believe that if you order something with two day delivery seven days before Christmas you’ll still manage to get it on time. Of course if EVERYONE decides to try to order 2nd day at the same time then there isn’t enough capacity to get everything in time delivered.

This happens every single Christmas as if nobody every learns. That’s one thing I’ll give Amazon, they started warning people “This will arrive after Christmas” last week.

Of course if you celebrate all seven days of Christmas that’s not a problem.

Finally the Jan 6th committee kangaroo court has decided recommended charges against Donald Trump in their last days and the media is practically orgasmic.

It’s a testament to how effective Donald Trump was as president that the left/media has spent the last six years going through so much effort to demonize him even to the point (as the twitter files expose) of the FBI actively working to help fix the election.

My thought is it would have been a lot easier for the deep state to not worry about it and ride out a re-election. By now they’d be almost done with him and able to resume business and graft as usual. In fact I suspect if they had made a deal or two with him early he wouldn’t have gotten in their way all that much.

If it was worth that much effort to keep him from the office the rot that is going on must be a lot worse and a lot deeper than we even now currently think. It also explains why the left was so panicked about Musk taking over Twitter.

Yet for some reason Trump scared them so much that they have come out into the open to be seen, giving us the choice to deal wit it or let it be. That more than anything else has been the greatest legacy of his administration that it has given us the people the choice of keeping our republic or freely letting it go.

May we choose wisely.