Archive for December 2, 2022

Well Elon Musk has followed through and via Matt Taibbi the most honest leftist left in the building the Twitter files on Election 2020 are being released. You can see them from the start beginning with this tweet.

The good news of course is that the truth is being revealed and all of us who were saying for years that twitter was manipulating facts for the left

(and I know all about that having been locked out of my account repeatedly for tweeting about Benaford’s law before election 2020 was certified while being accused of tweeting out “intimate content without consent”, each time I appealed, each time Twitter said it was a mistake and then immediately locked me out again when I tried to tweet it. By an odd coincidence this cycle stopped as soon as speaker McConnell congratulated Biden, but I digress…)

The bad news of course is that the few people on the left who were still insisting that this was not taking place and it was all a conspiracy theory don’t care because they believe the ends justified the means. Their reaction to this would be “thank you” to all those involved.

You see once you abandon Christianity the whole “bearing false witness” business does not become a problem.

Put simply until there are consequences for these acts by the actors who commit them they will continue.

Thanks to Musk we now have truth, now let there be consequences