The Wuhan Flu pandemic nonsense has polarized the American people in a rather loathsome manner

Posted: February 16, 2023 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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It is far more difficult now, after three years of the Wuhan Flu Pandemic, for me to have a normal conversation with family, friends, and especially strangers.  During just about every conversation the Wuhan Flu pandemic comes up.  About 95 percent of the time the person I’m chatting with reiterates the standard progressive talking points.  I am faced with three choices; I pretend to agree, I remain silent, or I set them straight with the truth. 

I am not the type of person who pretends to go along with a lie, especially a dangerous lie.  I am also not one who remains silent.  Engaging in polite, yet passionate debate is something I excel at, having learned this skill from my dad, who is an absolute master.  I never lose my cool.

The moment I begin educating my conversation partners about the truth concerning the Wuhan Flu pandemic, I am greeted with anger and hostility.  Very seldom does the conversation turn into a peaceful and respectful exchange of ideas.  Science denier is an epithet that is most often hurled at me.  The others are far less polite. 

The media, social media companies, school indoctrination, and progressive politicians are to blame. 

The vast majority of media coverage is based on the progressive junk science that is crammed down our throats by the CDC. 

Social media censors the truth and places those who spread it end up in their version of jail. 

School indoctrination has brainwashed most of the last generation into believing anyone who questions the progressive orthodoxy are evil and must be shouted down and silenced. 

Progressive politicians are milking this pandemic for everything its worth.  They have ratcheted up the fear to such an unconscionable level in order to convince the American people to give up their most sacred God-given natural rights.  They want power and absolute control over each and every individual.

We must all keep up the good fight. We must keep spreading the truth even though we are greeted with hostility and lose friends.  The stakes are too high.

  1. Donald Pay says:

    The first thing to state is “Wuhan Flu Pandemic” is not even close. It ain’t the flu, which is caused by a completely different virus. This explains why you have trouble communicating with people. You claim to not be a person who goes along with a lie, yet, apparently, you have no problem making up a lie and spreading it in your posting. I guess if you believe it, it isn’t a lie. I prefer data that’s tested through accepted statistical methods.

    Let’s consider another statement: “progressive junk science.” This is a nice meme, but it has no heuristic value. Science is a field of empirical knowledge, and has no ideology. It depends on rigorous testing and re-testing of data, not meme manufacturing.

    I had a childhood friend. We called him “Pete, the Cheat.” He lied all the time, made up fantastic stories that no one believed. You couldn’t really count that anything he said was true, though he would occasionally tell the truth. You seem to be a lot like him. As kids, we thought he was kind of funny, but as we grew older and the stakes were higher, we all kind of drifted away from him. He couldn’t be counted on. Spreading misinformation is not a way to retain and make friends.

  2. Donald Pay says:

    By the way, this site regularly censors comments. You seem very concerned about “censorship,” so concerned that you do it all the time.

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