Five Depressing one Liners: Biden, Fonda, J6 vs Antifa, They’re all Hitler, Brady no More

Posted: March 11, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The worst part of what we’ve seen in the Biden years so far is that almost all of it was completely preventable.

Jane Fonda calling for the murder of Americans who disagree with her live on national TV is the price we paid for not prosecuting her for treason as she sat on a NVA anti aircraft gun 50 years ago.

The left will decide the standards of justice, evidence and imprisonment of those charged & imprisoned for crimes on J6 is beyond the pale as soon as a GOP administration applies those same standards to ANTIFA & BLM when they attack people and property and not before.

Anyone who thinks that the left will treat any other GOP candidate, particularly Ron DeSantis differently than they have treated Donald Trump over the last 6 years is deluding themselves.

It doesn’t matter how many people on talk radio or sports shows suggest otherwise Tom Brady is not playing football this year

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