Feed the Bums (BudLight) Tuppence a Can

Posted: May 5, 2023 by datechguy in culture

Ok in fairness we’re not at that point but we’re starting to head in that direction:

Via Gateway Pundit yes you’re seeing that right. Bud Light at under .50 a can. You can’t buy a store brand can of soda for that price.

And if people aren’t paying .50 a can for Bud they certainly aren’t willing to pay ball park prices:

Beer doesn’t last forever and unless the plan is to dump it in the NJ woods next to the pasta they have to move it. The only question is how low can it go? .40 a can? a quarter a can? A dime? A nickel? An old lady asking you to by the bums a drink at Tuppence a can?

That’s where this is heading and the folks at Instapundit have a pretty clear idea how this ends:

If an Anheuser-Busch spokesman apologizes, the brand will take a brief, but huge hit on social media from the leftist mob — who don’t drink Bud Light, anyway — but the mob will quickly move on to something else to be angry about. In the meantime, as John Ekdahl tweets, “The biggest problem isn’t even the boycott; it’s that they’ve become a cultural punchline. This is now like having an AOL email address or driving a minivan. People avoid it so their buddies don’t rip them. Not sure how you fix that as a brand.”

The longer this goes on the bigger the hit. What it really comes down to is this: Would they rather sell beer or be thought of as one of the cool kids at parties with leftists?

Hey maybe they’ll luck out and Portland or Seattle will declare Beer a human right and buy up all the cheep cases to distribute to the homeless. Has to be less dangerous than fentanyl.

  1. harryvoyager says:

    I’m guessing the folk who would have to make the decision all have golden parachutes, so their incentive to do anything at all about this is about zero. They’ll just wait it out, award themselves big retirements and disappear to go hobnob with their Harvard and Yale buds.

    No skin off their nose, after all.

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  3. BLSinSC says:

    I post that it’s not JUST the little mentally ill swish – it’s the ENTIRE PUSH to indoctrinate kids and their demand for some kind of “rights” that normal people don’t seem to have or realize!! BL USED to be what I bought but now it’s Modelo Especial! Modelo is NOT owned by AB in the US so there! What they SHOULD do is make a commercial and say “Sorry America, we messed up! We allowed a social leftist to inject a brand of sexual identity that is NOT very prevalent in the USA! That person has been terminated along with every other person who had anything to do with the decision to insult our base customers! We simply thought that you would swallow this attack on your morals like you do, or rather DID, our many brands of beer! There’s nothing that can do to make this one of those “never happened”! We are sorry – MAN are we SORRY!! We are actually BEGGING you to come back. Many innocent people’s jobs are on the line. The idiots who concocted this scheme have lost theirs. We believe that your response has been a turning point and every company going forward will not want to be “Bud Lighted”!! We’re SORRY and promise that only TRUE AMERICAN VALUES will be considered going forward! Please give us another chance and the Next Bud is On US”!! This MIGHT make some change their minds, but not me! I’ve found something better!!