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If you looked at Deval Patrick’s ads, they were all about Jobs, however did the message have some help:

U.S. defense contractor Raytheon announced a series of layoffs Tuesday just days after Gov. Deval Patrick denied asking it to delay terminations until after the state elections.

The announcement follows three other rounds of layoffs announced by Massachusetts employers in the immediate aftermath of last week’s elections.

Lab services company Charles River Laboratories and biotechnology firms Biogen Idec and Genzyme have made work force reductions totaling more than 1,000 jobs since Nov. 3, the day after Patrick was re-elected. Raytheon wouldn’t divulge the size of its work force reduction.

Well its not as if the Governor denied stuff like this was coming; oh wait:

“No, no. That’s just a rumor,” the governor said after one of his final campaign rallies in Newburyport.

When he was asked if he requested the company delay any terminations, he bristled and responded: “Come on. They’ve been adding jobs.”

Well I’m sure Raytheon can categorically deny that the governor made such a request can’t they?

On Oct. 29, Raytheon Co. spokesman Jon Kasle refused to answer whether Patrick had requested a delay in layoffs, saying, “I would not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Guess not.

Massachusetts just remember we had an election this week, we did this to ourselves and as always are getting the government we deserve…or are we?

Update: We blew it in congress too. Instalanche, thanks Glenn, and remember DaTechGuy on DaRadio premieres on AM 830 WCRN November 20th at 9 p.m with Robert Stacy McCain and Roxeanne De Luca as our first guests. If you are interested in some ad space the rates are here.

Back from Jury duty and the Unemployment office

Posted: November 4, 2010 by datechguy in employment, personal

Spent the morning at the courthouse where I just missed being on an assault trial, from there I went to the unemployment office where I was told this was the last week of my benefits and that I was also overpaid by over $500 dollars that they want back, however they can’t give me any details other than that and my various attempts to find out details have had a circular result.

As I had no access to the internet I spent my time writing a 2800 word magnum opus concerning the election that you will find either brilliant or extremely boring. I hope to have it up first thing in the morning or last thing tonight.

meanwhile I have to find a couple of grand to trim the monthly family budget however on the bright side if I have luck selling the ads for the Radio Show (and an announcement will be up as a post today or tomorrow) then that amount to be trimmed will be cut considerably.

Meanwhile tonight I will be at the Twin City Tea Party victory party and will try to do some live blogging from there.


…How many people in the middle and lower classes write paychecks?

If you want jobs to be created you need to make the cuts for the people who PAY employees.

The problem with democrats is they use the tax code as a punitive measure, not to raise revenue but to “get” people they don’t like. That’s not tax policy that self-righteousness.