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To non geeks it is just another birth announcement. Actor David Tennant and his girlfriend Georgia Moffett (daughter of actor Peter Davison) are parents of their first child together.

However if you are a Doctor Who Geek you could put it this way…

The Daughter of the 5th Doctor who played the Daughter of the 10th doctor started dating the 10th doctor and has given birth to her first child, who is also the child of the Tenth Doctor.

That makes this kid, the Grandchild of the 5th doctor, the child of the 10th doctor the son of the daughter of the 10th doctor who played the daughter of the 10th doctor making kid the grandchild of the 10th doctor as well as the child of the 10th doctor who is of course the same person as the 5th doctor. And of course since the Doctor kid’s mother is the doctor’s daughter that makes the kid the sister of the doctor’s daughter since he is the doctor’s kid who is also his mother. And of course since she the 5th doctors daughter went to school with the 6th doctor’s daughter we could make it sound even more complicated than this if we wanted to.

Yeah I know it doesn’t mean anything but all I could think of when I heard about it was that old song, I’m my own Grandpa.

Starting at 6 a.m. this morning BBC America is once again having a marathon of Dr. Who.

They are advertising it as all of season five starting at 9 a.m. but they are actually starting with the last David Tennant Story The end of time to include the regeneration and the story behind it.

My review of the entire Series 5 starts with The Eleventh Hour and continues through The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, Amy’s Choice, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens, and The Big Bang.

Of course if you want NEW stories there is always Big Finish as the Telegraph has reported:

The Tardis has landed in late-Sixties Soviet Russia. The Doctor and his companion are on the trail of an alien weapon that has fallen into the hands of the Soviets. They are in a speeding van being chased across a frozen lake. Just as they seem doomed the van is beamed aboard a space ship.

There is, however, no Matt Smith or Karen Gillan here. In fact, there is no frozen lake, no van and no spaceship, for I am in a recording studio and late-Eighties Dr Who Sylvester McCoy, and his companion Ace, played by Sophie Aldred, are conjuring the scene in a soundproofed booth.

Dr Who may have been successfully resurrected on television in 2005, but it had already reappeared six years earlier in the shape of audio plays released on CD, a format that has been thriving ever since. Big Finish Productions has created more than 180 plays featuring “classic doctors”, as the pre-2005 Doctors are known.

And if you want them in America you can get them mail order from Mike’s Comics along with figures, books and all the Doctor Who stuff you will ever want, just in time for Christmas!

…again this week and remembering what I wrote the day after Christmas last year when I first saw it:

There is every probability that this was written just after his election and that Russell T. Davies was and/or is a member of the hopey-changey Obamacult. I suspect British actors are even farther left than Hollywood so it would be no surprise. It is also possible that he is making fun of said cult but I doubt it.

Alas the shooting schedule and the filming didn’t account for the crash and burn of international opinion of the president, it gives the episode an anachronistic quality will make many conservatives laugh at the reminder of those foolish messianic days.

Wikipedia states that Shooting began in March of 2009 (for non controversial stuff it’s an ok source). That likely means the writing took place right after the election.

It was something to see the change in international opinion since the episode was broadcast, in just 7 months his domestic popularity has also dropped like a rock.

At the time it was on, I was annoyed, couldn’t I escape the Obama Messiah syndrome even in Doctor Who? Today looking back seeing that the nation has been mostly cured of that odd illness it brings a smile, like that of a person remembering a rough patch that is behind him.

The end of the obamacult has been a healthy thing for a society. Let’s hope the media remembers the lessons learned.

You know almost every season you run into an episode of Dr. Who that I find so bad that I make it a point to skip it when it comes on. In Series 1 it’s The long game, not that it’s so bad but the other ones are so much better, In series 2 it was Fear Her, the single worst episode of the new series bar none. Series 3 had 3 below average episodes but the one I skip is Last of the Time Lords (The resolution was so bad that I find I just can’t watch it) In Series 4 it was Midnight and here in Series 5 we have Vincent and the Doctor..

The Doctor takes Amy to an art gallery where is spots something odd in a Van Gogh so back in time he and Amy go to investigate. Richard Curtis of Black Adder fame wrote this one and I would have expected a whole lot better from him but although the acting is actually pretty good, and there are some real tender moments but as a whole the story is so pedantic and the plot so uninspired that there is no contest which episode I would least like to watch of this series.

Where does it rank in the annals of badness of the revised series? behind The Long Game, ahead of Last of the Time Lords and just above or just below midnight depending on my mood. (It goes without saying it beats Fear Her but Fear her ranks with the worst of the entire series since 1963 and it takes some level of badness to get that low.

If you have an errand to run that can’t wait, this is the episode to run it during. Particularly since the quality is about to take a serious upturn.

Rating **

Last episode: Cold Blood

Next Episode: The Lodger