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To non geeks it is just another birth announcement. Actor David Tennant and his girlfriend Georgia Moffett (daughter of actor Peter Davison) are parents of their first child together.

However if you are a Doctor Who Geek you could put it this way…

The Daughter of the 5th Doctor who played the Daughter of the 10th doctor started dating the 10th doctor and has given birth to her first child, who is also the child of the Tenth Doctor.

That makes this kid, the Grandchild of the 5th doctor, the child of the 10th doctor the son of the daughter of the 10th doctor who played the daughter of the 10th doctor making kid the grandchild of the 10th doctor as well as the child of the 10th doctor who is of course the same person as the 5th doctor. And of course since the Doctor kid’s mother is the doctor’s daughter that makes the kid the sister of the doctor’s daughter since he is the doctor’s kid who is also his mother. And of course since she the 5th doctors daughter went to school with the 6th doctor’s daughter we could make it sound even more complicated than this if we wanted to.

Yeah I know it doesn’t mean anything but all I could think of when I heard about it was that old song, I’m my own Grandpa.

One of the things that us old timers who have followed the series for decades love is to see the return of old foes, this episode we see old foes that we haven’t seen since the time of the 5th doctor (unless you follow the audios).

For most of the people seeing this episode, there is a sense of mystery, what is happening to the corpses? Why are people disappearing and what does this have to do with the drilling project going on?

For us old hands it is very familiar. Almost a repeat in may ways of a classic episode from the 3rd Doctor’s first season.

There is the aspect of separation Amy, the Doctor and Rory all on their own, that’s not bad, and the how will the people manage under pressure without the Doctor to keep them straight, that’s not bad either.

But it just never manages to raise itself beyond that point. You wait for a climax that seems to never come. The cliff hangers for part two are OK but it just didn’t excite me

Rating ***

Last episode: Amy’s Choice

Next episode: Cold Blood

Actual Cover Mutant Phase

My review of Big Finish Adventure #15. The Mutant Phase. Featuring the 5th Doctor and Nyssa is available at here.

Although in general an above average audio there are some exchanges between the Doctor and Nyssa that are particularly memorable and the

As always you can pick this up at Mike’s comics. You can also listen to a trailer the adventure here.

Alternate cover via Colin Brockhuirt

I’ve mentioned this before but Colin Brockhurst has done some first rate alternative cover art for some Big Finish CD’s. I think his mutant Phase cover is one of his best. Big Finish should really consider using his art professionally.

My Review of the 5th Doctor Adventure Land of the Dead staring Peter Davidson as the 5th Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa (Big Finish Adventure #4) is available at here.

It’s interesting to note that counting the first adventure which featured Doctors 5-7, three of the first 4 Big Finish Doctor Who adventures featured Peter Davidson. This was before the series settled into the routine of the past few years where you have three consecutive stories in the same line with the same doctor released sequentially.

As always you can pick this up at Mike’s comics. You can also listen to a trailer the adventure here.