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I speak to John Atlas of Catholic Scouting at the 2022 Catholic Men’s Conference at Assumption College

To clarify, this is the Diocese being involved in the Boy and Girl Scouts of America and not some other organization as some seeing the headline might think. Like those of us who stay in blue states to fight the good fight the Worcester Diocese does a badge for scouting the emphasizes Catholic values fighting the good fight for kids and Christ within these organizations.

This is the last of my Catholic Men’s Conference interviews for 2022

I spoke to Steve Abarte about Cursillo Weekends at the 2022 Catholic Men’s Conference at Assumption College in Worcester MA

I speak to Sr. Madonna Janet of the Sisters of St. Paul at the 2022 Catholic Men’s Conference at Assumption College in Worcester.

It worth noting two things here:

  1. She is wearing a Habit so is readily identifiable as a nun
  2. She talks about young sisters using some of the new internet and social media tools which means her order, unlike others are drawing young sisters to keep going.

I submit and suggest that the 1st point has an awful lot to do with the second.

Unexpectedly of course.

Between COVID restrictions and a full time Job It’s getting a tad rare for me to get out to cover events, however yesterday I managed to get to the Catholic Men’s conference at Assumption College where I recorded this week’s Your Prayer Intentions Show for WQPH 89.3 FM (Every Saturday at Noon and Midnight) and managed to get a few of my old fashioned short interviews in that I’ll be posting on and off for the next week or two.

Today’s interview is with folks from Thomas Aquinas College which provides that rarest of products, an actual Catholic Education at a Catholics College.

I would venture to bet that if you send your offspring to be educated there. They will not only graduate with a solid opinion on the existence of natural rights but will be able to define what a woman is in one try even without a biology degree.