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Very busy today

Posted: April 25, 2010 by datechguy in personal
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Spent the morning cooking at the church with the youngest and will be off to a Knights of Columbus ceremony this afternoon.

I have a couple of reviews scheduled today to go up, I’ll try to get something new up this evening depending on when I get home.

Meanwhile around the blogroll to keep you busy, Barbara has something on the changing tune of John McCain, The Camp of the Saints proves a woman doesn’t have to be size one to make a man want to sin, The Lonely Conservative breaks philosophical , the other mccain and

Lucky for everyone there are so many good choices out there.

You’ve got the lonely conservative for one who caught the Tea Party Express on Monday PLUS yesterday’s protests.

Michelle’s got stuff from all over.

Pundit & Pundette has lots of great material and It was a distinct pleasure to meet Pundette and spend some time with her. She is a class act.

Speaking of bloggers I met at the Tea Party Express they include the Galley Wench who has now joined the Axis of Fedora. She hasn’t reported on the event yet but I’d keep an eye there for when she does.

American Freedom of course has cool stuff and the story of how a Sicilian was able to get into her room in the dead of night. Its all part of our ethnic training.

and if you aren’t reading Robert Stacy and Smitty? then you aren’t reading blogs period

I might not be in front of the computer at noontime so lets take a look at the what’s happening on the blogroll:

Ruby Slippers reports on the rubes who actually think that the passage of Obamacare means they will actually get free healthcare:

Evidently not everyone heard that bit of bad news or missed it entirely while cheering the fact 26 year olds will be covered under their parents plan. Perhaps people stopped tuning in after Obama health care speech number 563. If all else fails as an excuse blame the critics for confusing this group of poor souls who just want their free health care and they want it now:

Ironically I just got a letter from our insurance company saying my 19 year old would soon be dropped from coverage, but can get in as a full time student. Maybe congress didn’t read this bill but the insurance companies sure did.

Peg at What if Has two related posts on the same subject, the first concerns why the Democrats cry “Racist” so easily:

The other day, my good friend Professor Keith Burgess-Jackson pondered why columnists like Frank Rich rail on and on about the racism of Tea Partiers – when nothing could be further from the truth. I added a comment that I thought they did so because they cannot win in the battle of ideas. So – they then resort to slurs and attacks of “racist.”

She links to Roger Simon who uses the Civil War Term “waving the bloody shirt” She then follows up with this item quoting the Washington post:

But by and large, no one I spoke with or I heard from on stage said anything that was approaching racist.

Almost everyone I met was welcoming to this African-American television news producer.

Maybe they can try, “Vote as you marched”, oops sorry the majority of votes for Civil rights were republican ones.

David Pinto at Baseball Musings is following games but also the business of Baseball:

The Yankees are now worth $1.6 billion, keeping them the most valuable franchise. The next closest team is the Boston Red Sox at $870 million. Given that Steinbrenner’s group bought the Yankees for $20 million, he made a pretty good investment. The Yankees do have a high amount of debt, but that’s due to their using the equity in the club to keep improving it, for example, by building a new stadium.

It should be interesting to see what attendance figures are at the end of the year.

Conservatives for Palin is all over yesterday’s Rally and interview with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann appearance, their focus is media reaction:

Update #2: Andy Barr from Politico affirmatively reports that Palin and Bachmann spoke “[b]efore a predominantly female crowd of more than 11,000 fans.”

Update #3: The St. Paul Pioneer Press effectively confirms the Politico number by reporting that Palin and Bachmann held “a raucous campaign rally of more than 10,000 fans that exceeded the size of many presidential whistle-stops.”…

-Three more local Minnesota newspapers effectively confirm what was reported by Politico and the St. Paul Pioneer Press regarding the attendance at the Palin/Bachmann campaign rally yesterday.

Update: The St. Cloud Times reports a “crowd estimated at more than 10,000.”

I saw it last night, if you didn’t they link to video here. People who don’t think these ladies are going to be a force in the GOP are deluding themselves.

While I laugh at the comedy of Gabriel Iglesias on his Fluffy shop tour (a nice Christmas present) other people on the blogroll are hard at work:

No Sheeples here talks about the reconciliation that wasn’t and the Democrats in the senate taking advantage of it:

Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Nelson of Nebraska strayed frequently from their party during Wednesday night’s voting. Bayh, who is retiring, crossed the aisle to vote with Republicans 10 times. Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election race, supported Republicans eight times. Democratic Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia also bucked his party three times.

Nelson, who has come under fire from his conservative base in Nebraska for his support of the healthcare reform effort, supported the GOP the most—on 20 out of 29 votes as of the 2:55AM adjournment.

Be aware that democrats like Lincoln will use each of these votes to try to paint themselves as more conservative than they are.

Don Surber notes that Stupak isn’t the only “pro life democrat” who is now persona non grata in prolife circles:

Having voted for federal funding of abortion, Democratic Congressmen Allan Mollohan and Nick Joe Rahall lost the support of West Virginians for Life — just as Mollohan and Rahall face their first serious challenges in 20 years each.

Everything costs something, will it cost any of these people their seats?

Camp of the Saints discovers a new Battle Cry via the great Val Prieto guest blogging at Michelle Malkin’s place

Dad’s a Cuban exile, so he knows a little something about the Nationalization of businesses and government intrusion.

There’s a brief moment of silence between us, then the old man sighs again, puts his big welder’s hand on my arm and squeezes just a bit. “Listen to what I’m about to tell you,” he says. “Prevent or lament.”

Have you ever noticed that people who escape totalitarian systems always seem to turn up on the right?