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David Sowerbutts on seeing the crowd of geeks chase Sheldon and the Big Bang gang as they stole the prints of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the extra 21 seconds from the theater.

This morning while everyone was getting ready to go to school I was sitting on the couch next to my oldest watching Morning Joe when the latest of the Direct TV film ads went up on the screen.

I commented to my 18 year old son that I know I’m getting old because I didn’t recognize the video or who the girl in it was. I asked my teenage son who that was…

…he said it looked like Lady Gaga.

Now a few clicks on the net and I discovered that it was Christina Aguilara and the video was for a song called Keeps getting better.

I’m a balding graying 46 who has been married 21 years, I might be excused for not knowing or recognizing her or her music, but my son is 18 and in college, works in a local department store, was active in theater in high school and is in the improv club in college.

This was an embarrassment to him, he had some concerns it might make him an object of some ridicule among his peers when this post went up. What a geek! What a dork! My answer was his fellows at college can enjoy their laugh…

…until graduation when they won’t have time to laugh as they struggle to pay back those student loans taken to pay for school while he while he completes his through college with Das Full Boat.

If he shakes off the laughs and continues to hit the books it won’t matter if he keeps his car radio on his classical stations, and hangs out with sober, religious, drug free friends like Amanda and company. (A crowd that rivals or defeats my college group in sobriety and beats us in the sick sense of humor division but loses to us hands down in the medieval edged weapons category.) He will come out of college way ahead financially and with the freedom to decide what he wants to do without a millstone of debt around his neck to hold him back.

If the economy hasn’t recovered by then it might just be the edge he needs to make it. I guess the joke isn’t on him after all. Remember Sheldon didn’t know who Radiohead was but who did Penny turn to for help…

and no I don’t know who Radiohead is either.

Update: But I bet these teen girls do.

Christine Baranski who is very funny is coming back to the Big Bang Theory.

Is Sheldon finally going to experience a big bang in more than theory? That’s at least what I’m hoping will happen when Christine Baranski reprises her Emmy-nominated role of Leonard’s smarty-pants mother in a January episode of The Big Bang Theory. You’ll recall that when last the brainiacs crossed paths, the will-they-or-won’t-they tension between them was palpable. So it makes sense that viewers — at least this one — would wonder whether this time around Sheldon and the thinking man’s cougar would do it rather than duet.

I don’t think it is going to happen because it would be a moral departure that would be too great for the show’s audience particularly considering Sheldon’s mother.

To give you an idea of what kind of comedy it contained here are a few scenes from her previous appearence:

That interaction culminated in a suggestive scene where the audience believed they would hook up and they did, in a way…

How funny was that? Ironically she also did an episode of Third Rock from the Sun as a physics professor who was VERY funny.

How funny? This funny.

There are many fun things in life even in tough times, the trick is to notice and enjoy them.

Very busy of course so here is a quick post about some oddities:

Had an errand to run yesterday and so I caught confession at St. Leo’s church on my way. I’m sorry to say it was a unique in my experience. It was just a regular week yet there was a long wait as many people were there for confession, over a dozen and it’s a small parish. I was very pleased to see it but its also kinda sad that it is so unique in my experience. We are an active parish but I don’t remember when I’ve ever seen more than one person at confession.

I had to swing by Barnes and Noble to see if I left something important there on Friday. I took note that Friday there were loaded on the Sarah Palin’s book and Sarah from Alaska. There had been 20 copies of each. Yesterday there were only 4 copies of Going Rogue and about 9 left of Sarah from Alaska. I commented on that outloud and someone behind me replied that a lot of people must have needed to prop up tables. I looked at the clearly upset person and replied; “I think not.”

Another interesting thing. They had a “Holiday Music Display” I looked at every single CD on it. Every single one said “Christmas”. Same with the “Holiday” card display. I asked about this at the counter but they denied that all said Christmas.

Of course as Thanksgiving hasn’t come yet I’m a little more flexible. Once the actual Christmas season comes I’m not going to give stores that want my money a pass.

Come to think of it every I have a challenge to every person who insists that we don’t say Merry Christmas. As it is so offensive I expect any such person to work a full regular shift and refuse any extra pay. Either Christmas is the national Holiday or it is not.

I was watching the Big Bang Theory on CD and made the mistake of freezing the Chuck Lorie Productions frames at the end that you can’t read properly on regular TV. A lot of it is liberal pap to the Nth degree. I had one that was pure Obama worship and another attacking Fox. Hey it’s his show and he can do what he wants but that loss of the safe zone means Netflix yes, purchase no.

This doesn’t change the fact that it is well written and well acted and a pleasure to watch as long as you do so on Regular TV so you can miss the freeze. It is a show worth your time.

Got the new Talisman Expansion, no time to play with it, I’ll review it after my interview. Speaking of which it is Wednesday. I sure hope it works out ok.

Still haven’t purchased the last two Charlie Episodes or the new 5th Doctor one. Money is too tight, but they are on my Christmas list, and thanks to the emission laws in my state I’ll be paying $700 to fix the wife’s car for a problem that doesn’t effect the way it runs at all.

The power supply on one of my machines up and died yesterday, too busy to fix it now but this week I’ll pull one from one of the graveyard machines in the cellar.

I’ve got to re-open my unemployment claim Monday, since no matter how early I get there I’ll be waiting that’s when I’ll finish the Palin book.

Because of all that was going on I missed the latest Amazon Vine release when it came up, lucky for me it contained absolutely nothing that I wanted.

Cafe Press might have banned it but I’m still praying for the President. He needs it. I think that is kind of odd myself.

I hope to be back to full blogging on Friday.