An Obvious Question That Nobody is asking about the Hong Kong COVID Data

Posted: March 10, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

This piece concerning COVID in Hong Kong caught my eye:

Something very strange is happening in Hong Kong. I am not the first to write about it, but I wanted to do a good job compiling the information and informing my readers so this post is somewhat complete. I will include additional reading below.

Hong Kong’s stringent “Zero Covid” policy, stopped to work in mid-February and a “wall of cases” curve exploded in the territory.

It’s pointed out in the piece that the vaccination rates in Hong Kong are comparable with the US and Israel but not the results

Cases between Feb 13-Feb 17: 18,493

Deaths between Feb 28-March 4: 895

Calculated Case Fatality Rate: 4.83%

The relevant case fatality rate in the US for our recent Omicron peak is roughly 0.3%, or 16 TIMES lower.

Slow down and let it sink in: the case fatality rate in Hong Kong is 16 times HIGHER than in the US. That should make you curious.

It does Igor it does. Igor continues about various things in the piece concerning variants and the different policies in place to handle COVID but to my mind there is one basic question and it has nothing to do with vaccination, quarantine status or anything else along those lines.

Exactly WHO are the people dying?

Does it not occur to anyone that China might take advantage of a spike in deaths to remove people they consider troublemakers, activists, pro-democracy folks, strong Christians and those who don’t follow the official state version of the Catholic Church from Hong Kong and blame their death on the virus?

This would seem such an obvious question given that these deaths are taking place under the communist rule that brought you the Cultural Revolution and the great purges that slaughtered tens of millions that one wonders how it was not asked before.

I would bet real money that the COVID plague throughout China over the last two years disproportionately affected enemies of the state.

Quite unexpectedly of course

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    I basically don’t believe anything China says about covid. Period.

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