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I have always been most proud of the fact that I am truly a unique individual.  I have never fit in anywhere and never wanted to.  The people who know me say that I am way, way out there in my own little universe.  I don’t march to the beat of a different drum, I wander aimlessly to music that only I can hear in my head. 

From the beginning of this great nation, individuality was most highly prized.  Rugged individualism was one of the cornerstones that the United States was built upon.  The Constitution was written specifically to protect the God-given natural rights of every single individual in the United States. 

Classical Liberalism, which is the precise opposite of modern liberalism, is the philosophy that was closely held by the founding fathers of the United States.  They infused that philosophy into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution so thoroughly that it is the lifeblood of the United States.

Libertarianism is the modern equivalent of Classical Liberalism. That is the philosophy that is at the very core of my being because no philosophy is more individualistic.  According to Libertarianism and Classical Liberalism, each and every individual is free to do whatever they want to as long as they do not hurt any individual or interfere with the rights of any other individual. 

In a true Classically Liberal society, such as the United States was meant to be, each and every individual is free to live their lives as they wish, as long as do not hurt anyone or interfere with the rights of anyone.  As long as we do not hurt others or interfere with the rights of others, the government at all levels must leave us alone to live our lives as we wish, neither restraining or helping us in any way.

Today the United States is as far away from being a Classically Liberal society as can possibly be because this nation has been infected by various forms of collectivist philosophies, in ever increasing amounts, for more than 100 years.  Collectivism is the very opposite of individualism. Those utopian philosophies, when instituted, turn any society into a hell where any individual, or group of individuals, can be sacrificed by any government, for any reason.  This is most often done in the name of the “greater good.”

The Democratic Party has been completely taken over by collectivists of a socialist variety.  Since the installation of Joe Biden, thanks to the stolen 2020 presidential election, the Democrats have nearly completed their transformation of the United States into collectivist hell hole.

Rather than individualism, collectivist mob rule by brain washed masses is now the predominant culture of United States. 

The instinctual roots of collectivism and dangers of those misguided philosophies are discussed in this article: How Compulsive Conformity Can Get People Killed (

In primitive environments, the herd instinct serves as a means of survival. If some sense danger and rush to safety, all follow. But how does such a conformity impulse work in a high-tech society like ours? It doesn’t really.

Sure, a certain level of conformity is normal for a society to function. But an unchecked conformity impulse in a technological society like ours acts more like slow-motion suicide than a survival mechanism. We think we’re saving ourselves by conforming, but in the long run the opposite is true.

In fact, our instinct to conform has become a weapon tyrants use to control us by threatening social isolation for those who don’t obey. This is especially the case when a monopoly of tech overlords can broadcast propaganda to the herd, instantly and globally. In such cases there is no “wisdom of crowds.” When the masses obey the propaganda to avoid social punishment, they only prop up propaganda and thereby spread social turmoil.

The lack of resistance to the liberty destroying mandates and lockdowns imposed to combat the Wuhan Flu here in the United States was rather appalling to me.  This lack of resistance was brought about by decades of collectivist indoctrination and the destruction of our true history.

If we were still a nation of nonconforming nonconformists like me, the Wuhan Flu restrictions, mandates, lockdowns, and other nonsense would have ended rather quickly.  Unfortunately for all of us, the United States is now a nation of conforming sheeple.

Things that Make you Go Hmmm in Ukraine

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Every single day there is story after story about how the Russian Bear has been checked and how Ukraine is defeating the dreaded enemy in their attempt to invade.

This is the reality that is being pushed but every once in a while you get stories that paint a different picture, like this:

Canada’s Globe and Mail recently spoke to fighters who had abandoned the battle amid concerns over the lack of equipment, and being required to sign indefinite contracts, and were now doing humanitarian relief work in the country instead. A recent report in Belgium’s Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper claimed that more than half of the country’s foreign fighters in Ukraine had already returned home. “I didn’t feel like serving as foreign cannon fodder,” one returnee told the outlet. 

Meanwhile, some prospective volunteers, like Phil, are also cooling on the idea. After his recent trip with two fellow British veterans to Lviv and nearby Yavoriv, where they met with Ukrainian military officers to discuss potentially enlisting in the international legion, Phil and his associates decided not to enlist, at least for now.

That very interesting so is this:

Phil’s comments come as a string of foreign volunteers back away from the fighting  in Ukraine. VICE World News recently spoke to two foreign volunteers – one American and one Polish, both veterans of tours in Afghanistan – who had left Ukraine after enduring harrowing experiences on the battlefield, and surviving the devastating Russian missile attack on the Yavoriv base.

The soldiers said they were under-equipped and outmatched by the superior Russian firepower, and complained about the calibre of some of their fellow foreign recruits, suspecting that they were abusing drugs.

I suspect that the longer the war goes on the more bits of undesired reality will seep out