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I’m not going to bother with a long essay here I’m going to explain this provocative statement in just a few sentences.

For the last several years we have seen it clearly demonstrated that the left and it’s gatekeepers are dishonest and dishonorable who have lied, cheated, stolen elections, persecuted political enemies while allowing rioters to go free and enriched themselves and those who willing to aid them in these efforts to a point where I’m actually surprised that we haven’t ended up with a shooting war here.

These very people have now advanced Ketanji Brown Jackson as their primary choice to be on the final arbiter of justice in these United States and moreover they have done so over an alternative choice, favored by one of their own that not only met their dishonorable racial/gender quota1 but who, whose qualifications, honesty and integrity were vouched for by two members of the opposite party who are diametrically opposed to her judicial philosophy.

I submit and suggest that Judge J. Michelle Childs was not passed over because her honesty and integrity was doubted by these dishonest and dishonorable gatekeepers, but because it was believed and thus could not be counted to to advance the agenda of dishonest and dishonorable people.

And of course there is this, when you conceal documents it’s for a reason.

For these reasons I think anyone who does not start from the proposition that Judge Jackson is dishonest and dishonorable is a fool. If on the basis of objective facts and evidence you are persuaded otherwise that’s up to you, but any person who thinks bad actors advance good people to achieve evil ends are smoking something.

1Let the record show that neither Joe Biden nor anyone in his administration has been willing or able to define “Woman” or “Black”. I’d find it quite interesting to hear judge Jackson’s definition of either.

Worst president ever?

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By Christopher Harper

“Worst. President. Ever.”

That’s the engaging title of Robert Strauss’s biography of James Buchanan, who is generally considered among the most experienced politicians to reach the White House yet the perhaps the most dreadful leader of the country.

Buchanan may have some competition from the current incumbent of the White House.

Ironically, the two Democrats have many similarities.

Buchanan came from a small town near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden was born in nearby Scranton—a fact he repeatedly made during the 2020 election.

Buchanan spent much of his life in government service as a diplomat, U.S. senator, U.S. House representative, and president. In the U.S. Senate, he chaired the Judiciary Committee.

Biden, too, has spent much of his life in government and chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As president from 1957 to 1861, Buchanan meddled in the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that the justices reach a terrible decision in the Dred Scott case that extended slavery before the Civil War.

Biden has advocated a makeover of the U.S. Supreme Court by either expanding the number of justices or nominating people because of their race and gender.

Only months after his inauguration, Buchanan oversaw one of the worst economic crises in the nation’s history.

The Panic of 1857 saw the collapse of 1,400 state banks and 5,000 businesses after a horrendous increase in inflation.

The Panic of 2022 may not see the collapse of banks because of subsequent federal laws, but many businesses have shut their doors under Biden’s economic oversight.

In a divided country between North and South, Buchanan made matters worse.

Biographer Jean Baker wrote in 2004: “He was that most dangerous of chief executives, a stubborn, mistaken ideologue whose principles held no room for compromise. His experience in government had only rendered him too self-confident to consider other views. In his betrayal of the national trust, Buchanan came closer to committing treason than any other president in American history.”

In a divided country between Democrat and Republican, Biden is making matters even worse.

Fortunately, Abraham Lincoln followed Buchanan into the White House.

I hope someone of such stature follows Biden.

One of my favorite movie moments is this scene from the classic 1948 Western Fort Apache:

This came to mind Monday because something that happened after daily mass yesterday.

I’m a sausage on a biscuit kind of guy for breakfast so if I’m out in the morning I tend to drive through McDonald’s two grab a pair with a diet coke for myself. Four buck for a quick breakfast.

My wife is a coffee person who doesn’t function without it. Specifically she’s a Dunkin Donuts coffee person so I’d drive through Dunkin Donuts for her Coffee. If she was with me when I drove through McDonalds she would steadfastly refuse to try the coffee and insist on Dunkin so I’d oblige.

For Lent this year DaWife decided that she was going to go Mass five days a week. I’m a daily mass guy myself so I’ve been happy to have her company. Because we’re out together we’ve been doing sitdown breakfasts after mass twice a week. It’s been very nice but it does cost a few bucks.

Monday after mass DaWife didn’t feel like dropping the money for a sitdown but I wanted something so I drove though McDonalds to get my usual. DaWife noticed they had cinnamon rolls so she ordered one and even though she had resisted it before, she decided to order a $1.50 coffee and headed home.

So when we got home I sat down and had my sausage biscuits and she had her cinnamon roll. She was pleasantly surprised that was warm thought it was pretty good. Not Cozy Corner good, but pretty good.

The real eye opener was the coffee. I was expecting to paraphrase Sgt Festus Mulcahy, a reaction like, well it’s better than no coffee at all.

That’s not what I got.

She said the coffee was good, not Cozy Corner good, not Dunkin Donuts good, but good. Definitely worth the $1.50 that mickey D’s charges for it.

We had a nice breakfast for less than half of what we usually pay.

Now this doesn’t mean that my wife will be switching to McDonalds anytime soon from Dunkin’s nor does it mean that we’ll be ditching our after mass breakfasts, in fact we went to the Cozy Corner today and had a very nice breakfast.

But it DOES mean that McDonald’s regular coffee has passed DaWife’s quality test. And that’s no small feat indeed.

For the record all of them lose their stripes for a while over that.