I Submit and Suggest That if you Don’t Start with the Presumption That Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is Dishonest and Dishonorable You’re a Fool

Posted: March 22, 2022 by datechguy in the courts
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I’m not going to bother with a long essay here I’m going to explain this provocative statement in just a few sentences.

For the last several years we have seen it clearly demonstrated that the left and it’s gatekeepers are dishonest and dishonorable who have lied, cheated, stolen elections, persecuted political enemies while allowing rioters to go free and enriched themselves and those who willing to aid them in these efforts to a point where I’m actually surprised that we haven’t ended up with a shooting war here.

These very people have now advanced Ketanji Brown Jackson as their primary choice to be on the final arbiter of justice in these United States and moreover they have done so over an alternative choice, favored by one of their own that not only met their dishonorable racial/gender quota1 but who, whose qualifications, honesty and integrity were vouched for by two members of the opposite party who are diametrically opposed to her judicial philosophy.

I submit and suggest that Judge J. Michelle Childs was not passed over because her honesty and integrity was doubted by these dishonest and dishonorable gatekeepers, but because it was believed and thus could not be counted to to advance the agenda of dishonest and dishonorable people.

And of course there is this, when you conceal documents it’s for a reason.

For these reasons I think anyone who does not start from the proposition that Judge Jackson is dishonest and dishonorable is a fool. If on the basis of objective facts and evidence you are persuaded otherwise that’s up to you, but any person who thinks bad actors advance good people to achieve evil ends are smoking something.

1Let the record show that neither Joe Biden nor anyone in his administration has been willing or able to define “Woman” or “Black”. I’d find it quite interesting to hear judge Jackson’s definition of either.

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