Things that Make you Go Hmmm in Ukraine

Posted: March 31, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Every single day there is story after story about how the Russian Bear has been checked and how Ukraine is defeating the dreaded enemy in their attempt to invade.

This is the reality that is being pushed but every once in a while you get stories that paint a different picture, like this:

Canada’s Globe and Mail recently spoke to fighters who had abandoned the battle amid concerns over the lack of equipment, and being required to sign indefinite contracts, and were now doing humanitarian relief work in the country instead. A recent report in Belgium’s Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper claimed that more than half of the country’s foreign fighters in Ukraine had already returned home. “I didn’t feel like serving as foreign cannon fodder,” one returnee told the outlet. 

Meanwhile, some prospective volunteers, like Phil, are also cooling on the idea. After his recent trip with two fellow British veterans to Lviv and nearby Yavoriv, where they met with Ukrainian military officers to discuss potentially enlisting in the international legion, Phil and his associates decided not to enlist, at least for now.

That very interesting so is this:

Phil’s comments come as a string of foreign volunteers back away from the fighting  in Ukraine. VICE World News recently spoke to two foreign volunteers – one American and one Polish, both veterans of tours in Afghanistan – who had left Ukraine after enduring harrowing experiences on the battlefield, and surviving the devastating Russian missile attack on the Yavoriv base.

The soldiers said they were under-equipped and outmatched by the superior Russian firepower, and complained about the calibre of some of their fellow foreign recruits, suspecting that they were abusing drugs.

I suspect that the longer the war goes on the more bits of undesired reality will seep out

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