Walking from God, Major League Stupidity, COVID Update, Comical Spins and a WQPH Sponsorship Opportunity Under the Fedora

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I am completely convinced that the grief the world in general and our country in particular is facing is due to our “Post Christian” Society. The world is designed to chew people up and spit them out, and if you choose to face it without the protections and or comfort of God he will reluctantly comply with this request. That’s what free will is.

There is sudden word that there might be a breakthrough both in the MLB talk and between Putin and Ukraine. The way the talks between the MLB owners and players were going it would not have been a bad bet to say that Putin and Zelensky will settle their differences before the players and owners do. That these idiots can not come to terms on how to split the huge amount of money they get for playing a game instead of having to do arduous physical labor or boring repetitive work for 1/10 of what they lowest paid MLB player gets is beyond me.

Furthermore if the owners aren’t happy I suspect there is a long list of very rich people and groups who would be happy to take any team off the hands of any owner who doesn’t want it.

None of this is a surprise, if they haven’t figured out how to promote the greatest game ever invented why should they know how to split the cash from it.

The magnificent Debra Henie has penned a must read piece on the COVID vaccines and information that has come from studies and FOIA requests that prompts me to make a prediction.

Sometime over the next four years that media is going to pivot and start calling the COVID vaccines the Trump vaccines. When this happens that’s when you know the most damming information and/or side effects from the current crop of vaccines will be so apparent that it can’t be hidden from the public.

I still think they were worth developing given the emergency and our lack of knowledge but the failure of both medical and government authorities to be straight with people and trust their judgement is (see 1st entry btw) is in my opinion going to have even greater long terms consequences than the disease or the vaccine.

When I saw this at Twitchy my first thought was: “There’s a vagina museum? What do you look at there, old vaginas?” Of course that little one liner pales before their inability to figure out what a woman was.

It really never ceases to amaze me that there are a bunch of people who thought that those who were so intent on redefining “marriage” to suit their proclivities thought that people would stop redefining words at “marriage”.

Now “man” and “woman” are redefined to the point where people are afraid to say basic truths and this small comedy clip from a classic movie

is now “hate speech” which I define as any speech the left hates.

The inability and the fear to speak the truth is again a sign of a post Christian society and I submit and suggest it is completely by design.

FYI you know you’re getting old when a movie from 1990 is a “classic” movie.

Finally WQPH 89.3 FM Shirley Fitchburg is looking for someone to sponsor their booth at the Catholic Men’s conference April 2nd at Assumption College in Worcester MA. It’s about $600 so if you or your organization have an interest in sponsoring all or part of that cost click here to go to the site and donate. Specify that this gift is going toward sponsoring said booth. I’ll be there doing interviews and taking prayer requests

Speaking of WQPH the show that I host on the station Your Prayer Intentions Saturday at noon is going to be rebroadcast at Midnight the same day starting either this week or next. If you wish to have a prayer request included on the show head over to the WQPH prayer wall here and post it. You can also include the names of the deceased that you want included in our monthly indulgence calendar. In fact if you do the sponsorship I mentioned it can be in the name of or in memory of a loved one.

That reminds me I forgot to include this months indulgence calendar in a post on the site. That’s what I get for doing it so far ahead of time. If you want to download it (PDF format), it’s here.

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