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I took a second look at Bill Whittle’s video (via Nice Deb) and there is a point to be made

I opposed 8 out of ten of the “goals” he failed to achieve so those are pluses to me. But consider this:

During his first two years he had an unstoppable majority in the house and during the first year of his presidency he had 60 votes in the senate and during the 2nd year he had 59.

One thing about pols they might not be able to add up the budget numbers but they know if something hurts their election chances. The fact that the president didn’t or couldn’t pass the things on that want list tell you a lot about more about the popularity of the liberal agenda with the people.

By Linking to all 7 parts of Bill Whittle’s absolutely spectacular What we believe Series.

I’ve GOT to get him on my show.

Another big A-list Blogger Bill Whittle of Eject Eject Eject joins the field guide at Blogcon:

Irony of ironies just after telling me how nobody has ever recognized him, not 5 minutes later in the lobby a gentleman who was talking to me saw him shouting “You’re Bill Whittle!” and had me take a picture of him with Bill:

Bill has fans!

Those halcyon days of anonymity are done!

I didn’t record the panels as a rule because they were filmed but there was no way to resist this one:

Talk about some A list bloggers Whittle Green and Ott now that’s three aces to draw to.