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Might be a stretch to call him a blogger but considering the number of bloggers currently in his room at 2;34 a.m. on Saturday morning as I write this post he becomes a blogger by osmosis.

the rest of the field guide can be found here.

My final entry for the field guide from Blogcon comes courtesy of the Kruiser Cabana

Vodka Pundit’s drunk blogging has proven to be an excellent way for people to get through a boring political speech. Will it earn me another trip to this week in blogs?

Another big A-list Blogger Bill Whittle of Eject Eject Eject joins the field guide at Blogcon:

Irony of ironies just after telling me how nobody has ever recognized him, not 5 minutes later in the lobby a gentleman who was talking to me saw him shouting “You’re Bill Whittle!” and had me take a picture of him with Bill:

Bill has fans!

Those halcyon days of anonymity are done!

I didn’t record the panels as a rule because they were filmed but there was no way to resist this one:

Talk about some A list bloggers Whittle Green and Ott now that’s three aces to draw to.